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    known as the Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Today I had my first appointment with a holistic clinic. I saw a nurse practitioner. She is a vegan, but does not try to force that on others. Needless to say, she is going to get strict with me on my diet.

    My appt was for 9:00 a.m. By 9:15 I had been weighed, had my height check along with blood pressure, pulse, etc. At 9:20 the NP walked in the door. She spent over an hour talking to me and my husband about my symptoms and contributing factors. She went back for several years asking questions. I told her my other doctors did not necessarily want to "label" me as having CFS or FM but that I wanted answers.

    I took a copy of the questionnaire I told you guys about the showed me as having a major yeast problem. She gave me a very similar questionnaire to fill out also. I was asking to be able to wean myself off of Effexor, but she is not agreeable to that. She is okay with the probiotics, iron pills and vitamins I'm taking.

    I was given a urine test and tested positive for a UTI. I didn't even know I had one. She gave me Bactrim for that. I'll beef up the probiotics while I'm on the abx.

    Lastly, I was sent to the lab for blood work. The girls in the lab were amazed at how many different things I was being tested for. They were showing each other the paper and telling me that was very unusual. They took nine vials of blood. I had to sit still for awhile as I was so dizzy. I looked at the list of things I was being checked for. Lyme was in there and we had not even discussed Lyme disease.

    The NP told me she is suspicious of arthralgia, fibromyalgia and yeast. I go back in two weeks for a follow-up visit and the results of my blood work. She said she expects me to clean my diet up although she is not expecting me to cut out all bad things immediately. She said that would just set me up for failure. She wants to to have practically NO sugar or sugar substitutes and NO white bread. Of course, I crave that stuff. Another sign yeast.

    I'll be letting you guys know what happens next. I have a favorable opinion of this clinic and am actually looking forward to going back. My hopes are still high.

    In good health,

    Linda :eek:)
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    thanks so much. I recommend this clinic based on my limited experience to anyone close enuogh to Chattanooga. I'll keep everyone posted. It was wonderful to have a medical professional listen to me and not discount everything I sais. Just wonderful!

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    I took a double-take, at first, because the clinic name is the same as a place I went to in CA. But I see you're in TN. I don't think they are related, but good you have a place like that close to you.

    It sounds like you finally found someone who at least listened to you and is really searching for answers. I so hope you get some more data to at least formulate an action plan. And as for the abx, you've got it right, sure to do the probiotics! But just don't take them at the same time, because the abx will kill off the good bacteria in the pros. Give them a few hours apart.

    Wishing you the best with cutting out sugar. That's rough...I love it, too! Not sure what to suggest...if you'd do better going slowly or just cold turkey. But make sure you have support either way (and if hubby could change his eating to reflect yours, that would help, too).

    Good luck, and it is so nice to see a post about a GOOD medical experience! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I like your screen name. I loved Eeyore as a child! Not sure why (I wasn't a sad kid), although I've always been a root-for-the-underdog kind of person. Brings back good memories of cuddling my Eeyore stuffed animal. :)
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    thanks for caring. My hubby will be pretty good about working with me on the diet thing. He has diabetes (under control) and is willing to try to do the right thing. He loves meat and I don't so that is really the only thing we differ on. the problem is going to be our 11-year-old son. He needs to be on a much better diet. He thinks Dr. Pepper is the only beverage there is. I'm going to have to slowly get him to drink more water. I'll start him out having fruits for breakfast instead of cereal. He loves lots of fruit anyway so maybe it won't be too hard on us.

    I have always loved Eeyore. I sleep with an Eeyore pillow and have several pairs of Eeyore pajamas. My alarm clock is Eeyore. The list goes on. I have been teased a lot about an episode that happened right after we moved into our current home which is in the downtown area. We have a Siberian husky and he is quite an escape artist. My neighbor knocked on the door early one morning to tell me our dog was out. I went running down Main Street during the early morning rush hour traffic in a pair of Eeyore pajamas. But, hey, I caught the dog! I don't think I'll ever live that one down. I'm sure people got to work and siad, "You'll never believe what I saw on Main Street this morning." !!

    thanks again for caring,

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    Finally admitted two things. One PPI's cause FM symptoms in a large number of women. Also dizziness.

    2 They are presecribing in too high doses. Prilosec just brought out 10mg to try and compensate.

    I went on the 10mg and in two days my symptoms have reduced right down plus dizziness seems to be practuically gone.

    Worth mentioning as you take Effexor.

    Love Anne C
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    Effexor is actually an anti-depressant. I am currently on 75 mg and the NP says she is going to consider upping it to 150 so I'm sure she'll never agree to take me off.

    I actually am on a PPI though. I take Nexxium. I have in the past used Prilosec, Prevacid, Tagamet, Zantac and I am probably leaving one or two out. Without the Nexxium I cannot breathe due to the excess acid. For years I was told I had severe asthma. I even had severe attacks that would send me to the ER sometimes in an ambulance. Once I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, GERD, acid reflux I was tested again for asthma and told it wasn't nearly as severe as first thought because the hiatal hernia was causing symptoms that mimic asthma.

    I didn't mean to be so long-winded. The NP didn't mention anything about the Nexxium when I told her I was on it. I will bring that back up when I go in for my next appt.