My experience with candida

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    I got my first yeast infection in '01 at the age of 20. I didn't know what the hell it was, so I went to the gyno and was told that I had HPV. Perhaps the yeast infection was my body's way of indicating something was wrong. I was treated for the yeast infection and had cryosurgery for the HPV. Not that I'm attributing anything to it, but ever since the cryosurgery my life has been a living hell. It, however, succeeded in eliminating the HPV. I have not had an irregular pap since, but I have never had pleasurable intercourse since then either.
    Immediately following the cryo I experienced an intense burning if I ever tried having intercourse. Once again I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me, so I went back to the gyno. One gyno diagnosed me as having a yeast infection and gave me a prescription. After the medication I was still having painful intercourse, so I returned. Once again he gave me another prescription for yeast. Still no results. After testing me for a slew of STD's, he sent me to an oncologist. The oncologist found nothing, but prescribed me a topical steroid to apply to the outer areas of my vagina that became irritated during intercourse.
    The steroid relieved the intense, raw, burning sensation I would experience during and after intercourse, but nothing else. I still felt an uncomfortable sensation during penetration.
    By this point it was already '03 and I had pretty much given up. Gynos weren't really telling me anything. They just kept testing me for HIV, STD's and prescribing me yeast infection medications.
    I pretty much gave up entirely on having sex and finding a cure. Much to my boyfriend's dismay I swore off sex for over 8 months. I just had no desire to be intimate. I equated sex with pain. I also thought maybe sex was what was triggering my problem and that if I stopped my symptoms would clear up... nope.
    It is now '08. Since the beginning of the year I've been seeing a new gyno. I REALLY want to find a solution to this. I've been tested for HIV and STD's all over again. I've had so many STD tests that I've lost count. None of my paps come back irregular. One gyno even refused to see me anymore, because he said there was nothing he could do for me. Anyway, my latest gyno has seen me 3 times in the past few months. Every single time he examines me he concludes I have a yeast infection. He gave me a suppository after the 1st visit, but I didn't see any results. After the second visit he gave me Diflucan. Nothing. After the 3rd visit he gave me Diflucan again and pretty much told me I didn't need to keep coming back - to just use over the counter medications.
    Anyway, the Diflucan didn't work, over the counters don't work, nothing seems to work. I've been tested for bacterial infections, STD's, HIV, etc. I'm really clueless as to wtf is going on. If this is what I think it is, apparently I've has a yeast infection for SEVEN YEARS!!! I just started the yeast-free diet a few days ago. I'm on acidophillus, I had a colonic, I take azo yeast, and I bought one of those one-day treatments.
    I want to share my experience in the event that anyone has had any similar occurrence. I'm completely miserable, and I don't think my boyfriend of 5 years is any more pleased.
    I would appreciate any advice, suggestion, similar stories... I don't even know, anything, that people could give.
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    I've never had candida, but there is a Candida message board here and that might be a good place to post to get the most responses. Good luck.