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    I have just read about all the bad experiences with the FCC. I had my 2nd visit last week, and asfar as not spending enough time or knowing anything about me, that has not been true. During my first visit all my hormones were checked (all of them being too low even though I have been on bio-identical hormones). He changed my script on that, put me on compounded hydrocortisone, and compounded Nystatin. He now ran blood tests for infections. Also, my EBV came up as being active. He also suspects I have the bloodclotting disorder, which I might say makes me a little nervous about treating.

    I have had alot of faith that they are going to help me. Note that I have been everywhere for the past 35 yrs. Each time I have gone, I have gotten the IV. The first time I saw no real difference, but the 2nd time I did. I drive 4 hrs. each way, and went by myself last time. I must say I drove home with no problem and felt areal difference the next couple of days.

    By the way, I go to Philadelphia, and have alot of hopes, hope my bubble doesn't burst after listening to all your experiences.

    It also sure would be helpful if I heard from any of you that have had positive experiences with FCC.
  2. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    Thank you dahopper for your seeingly positive note on FCC. Thank you thank you!!!! We need to keep in touch. Hugs to you too. Good luck on your appoint. and let me know the outcome.
  3. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    wot IV did u get and wot was it for?
  4. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    The IV was called Back and Muscle IV, but it has alot of vitamins and minerals also. Takes about an hr. to hr. andhalf to run. Cost is $125 !!!!
  5. Hootie1

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    I have had my doubts about FFC, but I agree and I think that everyone else agrees that they are thorough and caring. The first several visits are always wonderful. I think that questions only come up in the form of doubts and concerns because of the cost incurred and whether it will be worth it in the end. It is always nice at first. It is a very complex situation because we are dealing with an incurable problem. Every situation is different and it IS encouraging that there is someone out there (FFC) that for once is trying to breakthrough all of the problems and help us. It is something that we have not had offered to us, but it does get expensive- I'm not saying that it is the FFC's fault, just that it is expensive. I can speak for myself only when I say that I have been frustrated only because it is scary to not know the outcome especially when you are putting out a lot of money that many of us don't have. Hey, I understand that they need to charge what they do because they need to stay in business also, it just becomes frustrating as a whole to know that something that we need is not necessarily covered. I am in a battle (a nice one though) with my insurance company because they feel that I can get the same care locally, but I am having a hard time explaining to them that I can't.

    The doctors at the FFC also are only GP's - I only realized that recently- it doesn't mean that they are not as good as perhaps a specialist would be, but he insurance company doesn't see that.

    Keep going and do what you know is best- I am still going, but it makes sense that we all at some point become weak- physically, mentally and financially and it is common to discuss it. I am feeling sick every day - mainly because of the medication and how it is attacking the viral and bacterial load. This is not an easy situation and not everyone's health problems are at the same level of difficulty.

    I don't think that one person can accurately determine what is good for the other person because unfortunately, this is a disease that displays very unique symptoms from person to person.

    It is important to hear the good with the bad and then asses our own situation with the information. You are going to hear good and bad information, but just because you had a good experience, it doesn't negate the bad ones. Stay positive and keep going. ;) The board is a meant for sharing - the good, bad and the ugly. :)

    Hope this helps to give you a perspective from someone who might be in the situation of difficulty and who is going to the FFC currently. Also, just like a marriage, you start with the honeymoon. I think it is wonderful that so many people share the good and the bad- and I have had both. No place is perfect, but it does get frustrating that we have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars about what we are already spending on health insurance just to try to be well! Unless you are wealthy, it does become difficult financially- after several thousands and thousands spent.

    I have typed in this long post and I am sorry. By the way, I understand where you are coming from and so does everyone else, but it truly is a process- no doubt about that! I have never gone through so many emotions in such an intense way in my life as I have during this dd!!!!


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    I started with a new compounding pharmacy that is in my area. When I went in he also took copies of al my bloodwork. He said "I am so glad you are going to this place. There are so many people around here that need something like this, but all the doctors have blinds on the sides of their heads. Alot of them are friends of mine and tell me I am crazy" He is so right because I have gone to SO many drs., and they all think I am sick in the head. He also told me he would like to go down there for a visit. Just thought I would add this.
    Warm thoughts to all,
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    There have been a lot of negative FFC posts recently, but that varies over time. There are some of us that are helped by them. I am one of them. I have been going 5 months now and have experienced improvement. I have had my days of discouragement and frustration too, but generally am pretty happy with them.

    Everyone is different! I talk to many in the IV room who are so thankful to finally have a place to go to for care. Many have been sick for 10 years or more and are finally seeing improvement due to FFC.

    So hang in there and hope that you will be one that sees dramatic improvement and have your life back!
  8. mrstyedawg

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    Glad to here you are back and hopeful. There has been alot of neg. stuff on here lately about the FFC. It does bring me down. I started going to FFC in Pittb. in Aug. Everyone of us is different, but just knowing that these clinics treat this as a real disease and not something in our heads is a step forward.

    Even after my treatment is over and whether or not I get any relief, I will still be thankful for the FFC. It will help to validate our illness.

    What really gets me is that I blame my insurance for not being more of a help to me. I really do not blame the FFC for the cost. My insurance will not pay on anything other than Prescritpiton meds. My sister has Blue Cross and it pays on her supplements.

    As vital as these supplements are to our well being, these insurance companies really need to take another look in determining what they will and will not pay for.

    Let us all keep our fingers crossed for everyone on this board that help is on the way for.

    This is a very complex disease with many causes and one treatment is not for everyone.

    Good luck and God bless
  9. Hootie1

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    Andrea, what type of insurance does your sister have? Open season is coming up in the next month and I need to find an insurance that will cover the FFC and the supps- or at least the supps and teh compounding pharmacy hormone therapy.

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