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    My mom has it long time ago, she came here to Canada, and after several years that I had not seen her because she lives in other country...I wanted to cry...she was really affected by this disease.
    I started to research, looking here and there, I found MYALGIA-X from natural balance in Vancouver. After 3 weeks she was normal again, healthy, not limping, sleeping the entire night and the pain had gone away since there.
    I highly recommend to try it, it worked for her. I know for sure how nasty fibromyalgia can be.

    --------------It is worth to try-------------

    You may be another one like her today, getting back to normal. This is my experience, and I wanted to share it. Please tell me if you try it, how is your experience. THX
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    are found in a LOT of fibromyalgia supplements. Source Natural's Fibro Response does the same, but has more ingredients like milk thistle for liver function and a full spectrum of vitamins as well. Boswellia has had many studies done and appears to be promising for pain, bromelain is common as well, and this supplement is 65% bromelain, said to be good for anti-inflammatory.

    So, basically, you get what you pay for. What I do is look at ALL the ingredients and their percentages, and if one stands out in particular you might want to see if JUST that ingredient will work on it's own. Sometimes these "combo sups" can cost a small fortune and you can mix your own far cheaper.

    Soft hugs,
  3. MicheleK

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    Thank you both for sharing your experiences and insights.

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