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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cyberamy, Mar 10, 2003.

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    today went very well. The Doc was awesome. I was put on the Durgesic Patch the lowest dose yesterday morning and I can already feel the difference this morning. Wow... to actually wake up pain free is soo encouraging! Any experience with this med? Side effects? Just the fact that I dont have to pop soo many damn pills is awesome! I dont want to talk to soon though I just hope the miracle drug keeps working. Also would like to add that this facility is also a rehabilitaion center as well (Physical Therapy) for and just wondering if anyone has had experience with PT for fibro and if it was beneficial. Thanks and take care,Amy
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    I was put on this when I had really bad pain especially in my legs.
    My "exercise" program was to mow our huge yard with a push-mower. This normally took 3 days of near death heat-strokes, and 4 days of recovery, then it was time to start over again!

    I slapped the patch on and had the ENTIRE yard mowed in a few hours! BUT, I had a horrible migraine that lasted the remainder of the three day patch. My doc said this was not a typical side-effect and said wait a day or two then try it again. So I did, this time without the mowing! Within 1 hour, the migraine was sooooooooo bad, I took the patch off, and went back to swallowing a handful of pills.

    I hope it does work for you, because that was the ONLY relief my legs ever got until the guai.
    Love and Prayers, Lisa
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    I recently went to a pain mgt. doc and she put me on Darvocet and ordered PT. I go to the first PT session tomorrow. I think it's more of the evaluation, etc. session and then my PT visits will be scheduled for 3 x week. The doc said I would hurt more at first, but then I will begin to feel much better. I hope I will feel better! Maybe until the bills come in. I'm supposed to go 3 times a week, for 6 weeks, at a co-pay of $10 per visit. So, even with insurance, it will be expensive. I am just thankful that I have insurance, or I wouldn't be going in the first place! They are suppose to teach me some type of exercises to do at home, too. However, when I am home alone, I won't have anyone pushing me to do them, so I don't know how faithfully I'll comply! :)