My Facebook rant (warning, I fear I hate Facebook)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SuzanneJYates, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. SuzanneJYates

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    I started Facebooking (is that a thing) back when it was really cool. Nowadays it just seems like everyone on there wants to show off their own thing instead of sharing information with others. It used to be about sharing information with each other, catching up with long-last friends, staying in touch with college friends who have moved away.

    Nowadays it just seems like it more about ‘hey look at the picture of this baby’ or ‘do you want to help so-and-so build a farm?’ I hate Facebook but I also hate the notion of not staying in touch with a lot of people that I have met in my life.

    What about you? Do you like Facebook or have you become worn out from it is as well? I would love to hear some thoughts.
  2. TigerLilea

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    I love FB. I've met a lot of really nice people through a couple of "Secret" groups started by friends. I can keep in touch with my nieces and nephews, relatives that live the other side of the country, and old childhood friends. It's been a wealth of info; new recipes, gardening ideas, craft projects, tips and tricks, etc. As for the games, I don't bother with those anymore as they became annoying after a while. Anything I don't want to see, I block. :)
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Suzanne, Jam, et al,

    I joined FB a few years ago too when some of my family member were joining. That is the main reason I did join it but I can see where so many are missing so much, like Jam said, as some of this is like techie overload. Some people are even sending pics of what they had for dinner or where they are eating out for lunch. That is fine and fun once in awhile but some do it ALOT. Maybe if it is a new place or recipe OK. Some are constantly texting or on FB talking to ALL their friends. and I know that if I didn't have it I would miss it as I have been able to find out things, mostly good things, about family and friends that I wouldn't have know otherwise. Unfortunately my family and are not that close to each other in miles and I feel bad about missing family stuff especially or keeping up with some friends too..

    It is also great to see pics of friends and family I haven't see in ages and or may never see again. No SUZANNE I do not hate it but sometimes it can be annoying. I don't play all the games on it either. FB is also not my whole life and I am still fairly busy at 73 years of age even if pain tries to keep me down .

    That is all for now from another oldie who is trying to keep up SOMEWHAT with the young ones. and I will NOT answer the phone if I am driving :)! However, that s another question for another day.

    Granni :)
  4. Granniluvsu

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    H Julie,

    I see we were posting together. I agree with just about everything else you have said. I take the good and try to leave the other stuff alone. I also don't have to be on I daily but it is good to check in with family and some special friends perhaps especially in time of need.

    Perhaps more later.

  5. Mikie

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    I don't do social networking. I joined FB back when it was new. For years now, I keep getting e-mails with people who want to be my "friend." Many of them I don't even know. A woman I worked with wanted me to do the farm thing with her. Where do these people get the time? It's just not something that interests me; however, I can see how it might be nice for families to keep in touch with pics and updates.

    I find Twitter can be evil! I have seen the most hateful posts against the nicest people sent in by nut jobs. I don't tweet and I don't read others' tweets. I also no longer read the letters to the editor in our newspaper because they have become so contentious. I don't need the stress.

    Love, Mikie
  6. TigerLilea

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    I don't understand Twitter! What is the point of it? :confused:
  7. joanierav

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    i agree with you suzanne. i cant navigate on that site at all. its just not user friendly. and ppl posting such insignificent things. "just came back from dropping kids off, now im going to bake a cake, then wash clothes , then back to pick up kids" i mean really? i agree with mikie when do they get the time .

    my daughter put me on facebook, but i could never get into it. she enjoys it tho.

  8. Soul*

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    Suzanne it has lots of settings to block all sorts of things. I was very reluctant to start with it too.
    I always start something new with reviewing the privacy settings and never give my personal details that can identify me to people who don't know me.

    I hardly get any messages in my newsfeeds because I make interest lists of topics that interest me and groups of the different people I follow. So only when I feel like it I open the messages of a specific group or topic of interest.

    That way it is like reading an interactive magazine on topics I like where I can also ask questions to the people who wrote 'the article' and I really like that feature. Like creativity and such and things around the garden. I block and disable any annoying posts and have a special blocked group for people who post annoying things but who I do care about. I just visit that when I have a lot of energy and leave a few likes on the few posts that where enjoyable just to let them know I still think about them. They won't know if you have them blocked.

    For me it's also the easiest way I ever found to have a photo album without any hassle. Which is nice for keeping track of growing things in your garden and comparing when they started to bloom and such last year. In that too you can make albums open to public, only for friends or only for you. Friends requested me to post progress pictures of crafts I was making so then I started to keep albums of that which is like a tutorial for others on how to do things like it on their own.

    So there are many nice features but I agree it is complicated and tedious to find out how to use them and how to block the annoying ones.
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