My father bought me Calcium Pyruvate... now tracking the progress

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. elastigirl

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    My dad believes in me. He believes I have CFS/FM. He is quite healthy for his age and is into using liquid minerals, supplements, etc.

    So he bought me a large bag of supplements including Calcium Pyruvate. Not wanting to add a random bunch of supplements to the already large number of supplements I was taking, I asked him which one I should try first. He said Calcium Pyruvate, 2 capsules a day. (In this brand, you can take up to 8 600mg caps a day.)

    Well, a couple of days ago I decided to try it. I was having killer cramps and back pain, plus I was extremely tired. After I took the capsules, I felt like a veil of fog had been lifted. The pain magically disappeared. I not only felt good, I felt wonderful. The pain relief only lasted about two hours, but the energy stayed with me. I was tired but energized -- the way I used to be in the past, where I could push past the tiredness and still find I had energy in reserve.

    That's something I haven't been able to do for the past five years.

    Well, it's only been three or four days -- but I'm feeling great, nearly pain-free, and energized. Even my weakened muscles are starting to function properly again. I only hope that the effect doesn't 'taper out' as with supplements and prescriptions in my past.

    I know that this product is being sold as a weight loss product, but that wasn't a priority for me. I just wanted my father to share his experience with me -- which product, past his long-time favorite (liquid minerals) -- gave him the most energy and made him feel his best? His answer: Calcium Pyruvate. So I gave it a shot. And I'm glad I did :).

    I'm only taking 2 per day right now -- I reason that if the effect tapers out, I could move to four, then six, then eight caps a day if necessary.[This Message was Edited on 11/24/2005]
  2. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    I am so glad you finally are finding something to help you with the energy! Hopefully te effect won't taper but even if it does - like you said - you have some lee way there. Thanks for sharing the info!

  3. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    what brand name is this sold under and where would you buy it?

  4. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

  5. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I hesitated to post the brand name because I didn't want to sound like a sales person ;). But since it was requested, here it is: Solaray Calcium Pyruvate 600Mg.

    I had another eye-opening experience last night. Not only did I have the energy to go shopping after my son returned to from school (okay, I took 2 extra capsules for a little rev :),) I also had the energy to go to the library.

    I was stunned to find myself ~squatting~. What's so amazing about that? I haven't been able to ~squat~ -- to look at things stored on lower shelves -- without experiencing pain, discomfort and muscle fatigue for the past five years!

    I've always said one of my symptoms is, "muscles as weak as a kitten." I had even avoided moving large boxes (that needed to be moved to my storage unit) out of the house for fear of dropping them. Yesterday, I managed to take two to my storage unit -- by myself. I'm pretty amazed. Am hoping the effect will last.

    Just wanted to note that most 'diet' type products have made me sick in the past, especially herbal concoction-type capsules. Fortunately, I'm not getting sick from this product. I'm only getting positive effects so far.
  6. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm so glad you listened to your father! I bet he is too. I'm going to run it past my doc and then try it.

    I'm thinking we should put it in the water supply to cure grumpiness!

    Good luck at the doctor today and thanks for sharing the good news!

  7. dafoefan

    dafoefan New Member

    My fibro has gone to a place that feels like there is no return! I have never felt so bad. Thank you for sharing. I have focused so much on prescription meds and they just aren't cutting it.

    Thanks for pushing me to get back to a natural approach. I also have felt that Solaray has excellent products. Again thanks for the push, God knows I need one!

  8. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Are Solaray products only available through mail order?
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  9. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    You can usually find these at health food stores.
  10. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    i was wondering if this interfers with any other med...and is it used only for loosing weight...could it be dangerous to take.....
  11. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    So far, no interactions or side effects noted. No warning on the label for pregnant or nursing mothers. No interaction warning label.

    I think you could speak to your doctor about it. (However, if your doctor is an anti-supplement type, they might just say, "No," without even knowing what the product is about. My SIL has one of those doctors.)

    I guess if I had bought this product for myself, I would want to know the return policy of the store where I bought it -- just in case it did not work for me.

    Still having great results so far :). I am taking quite a slew of other supplements -- liquid minerals, gelatin, Noni juice, vitamin B complex, etc. -- plus prescriptions -- Allegra, Nasonex and Elavil -- which are all helping me to some degree. So I cannot predict what Calcium Pyruvate might or might not do for someone who is not taking the same supplements and prescriptions as a "backdrop" for this new supplement.

    However, I notice a ~fast~ and ~large~ improvement in my health (fatigue/pain) whenever I take the Calcium Pyruvate.
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  12. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    Great Smokies Laboratories tests for components of the Krebs Cycle which is what gives our cells energy. These include malate, succininate, fumarate, citrate and pyruvate.

    Calcium pyruvate would give you the benefits of calcium for better cellular function along with the pyruvate for cell energy. Here's a blurb from their website which mentions pyruvate.


    The Kreb's cycle, also called the citric acid cycle, is an important part of the metabolic process that allows the body to generate cellular energy from food. This cycle depends vitally on a proper balance of nutrients called organic acids. Certain organic acids are central components or intermediates in metabolic pathways that convert energy into ATP-the cell's main fuel source.

    In their ongoing search to uncover biochemical triggers of chronic fatigue, researchers from the University of Newcastle in Australia recently found that low urinary levels of the organic acid succinic acid was one of the most "striking difference" between patients with chronic fatigue and healthy controls.1

    Another intervention study found that overweight individuals who supplemented their exercise program with pyruvate (a supplement form of the organic acid pyruvic acid) reported improved mood and vigor, increased weight loss, and reduced fatigue compared to controls.2
  13. BethM

    BethM New Member

    thank you, and thanks and a hug to your dad! He sounds like a loving and caring man.

    Good information, certainly is something simple to try. I'm already taking calcium citrate, might substitute the pyruvate for it, will look into it more.

    More energy and less pain is a huge goal for all of us, I think.

  14. BethM

    BethM New Member

    this is info from the Vitamin Shoppe site. Interesting. they talk about taking large amounts of pyrvate, but I'd be way too scared to do that! This is just FYI, since the more informed we are, the better!


    Also indexed as: Pyruvic Acid

    See also: Pyruvate for Sports & Fitness, Pyruvate for Weight Control
    Skip to:

    * What it is
    * Where found
    * Helpful for
    * Are you deficient?
    * Amount to take
    * Side effects & interactions
    * References

    What is it?

    Pyruvate (the buffered form of pyruvic acid) is a product created in the body during the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein.

    Pyruvate may aid weight loss efforts.1 A clinical trial found that supplementation with 22–44 grams per day of pyruvate, when compared with placebo, enhanced weight loss and resulted in a greater reduction of body fat in overweight adults consuming a low-fat diet.2 Three controlled studies combining 6–10 grams per day of pyruvate with an exercise program, reported similar effects on weight loss and body fat.3 4 5 Animal studies suggest that pyruvate supplementation leads to weight loss by increasing the resting metabolic rate.6 A few clinical trials also indicated that pyruvate supplements may improve exercise endurance,7 8 though weight-lifting capacity did not improve.9

    Preliminary research indicates that pyruvate functions as an antioxidant, inhibiting the production of harmful free radicals.10 11 12 Preliminary research with animals suggests that, due to its antioxidant function, pyruvate may inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.13 However, this effect has not been confirmed in human studies.
    Where is it found?

    Pyruvate is formed in the body as a byproduct of the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and protein and is present in several foods, including red apples, cheese, dark beer, and red wine. Dietary supplements of pyruvate are also available.

    Pyruvate has been used in connection with the following conditions (refer to the individual health concern for complete information):
    Rating Health Concerns
    3Stars Weight loss and obesity
    2Stars Athletic performance (for exercise performance)
    1Star Athletic performance (for improving body composition with strength training in untrained people only)
    3Stars Reliable and relatively consistent scientific data showing a substantial health benefit.
    2Stars Contradictory, insufficient, or preliminary studies suggesting a health benefit or minimal health benefit.
    1Star For an herb, supported by traditional use but minimal or no scientific evidence. For a supplement, little scientific support and/or minimal health benefit.
    Who is likely to be deficient?

    Because it is not an essential nutrient, pyruvate is not associated with a deficiency state.
    How much is usually taken?

    Most human research with pyruvate and weight loss has used at least 30 grams per day. However, such large amounts may not be necessary. In a six-week double-blind trial, as little as 6 grams per day of pyruvate in combination with exercise, led to greater weight loss and loss of body fat, compared with a placebo plus exercise.14
    Are there any side effects or interactions?

    High intakes of pyruvate can trigger gastrointestinal upset, such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. One preliminary study in exercising women found 10 grams per day of pyruvate reduced blood levels of HDL (the “good” cholesterol) after one month.15

    At the time of writing, there were no well-known drug interactions with pyruvate.

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  15. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Back in the 80s I had my lactate and pyruvate levels tested, lactate was too high and pyruvate too low. These skewed ratios were found in research done in the 90s in some PWME/CFS, so taking something to restore a more balanced ratio might well help with muscle weakness and/or rapid onset muscle fatigue.

    I take Recuperat-ion, balanced electrolyte salts aimed at correcting the ion channelopathy found in these DDs, they have made a postitive difference.

    Elastigirl, BethM, Jan, and Vickyw, thanks for posting this useful information.

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  16. rinaldo

    rinaldo New Member

    hi, could you please tell me where to buy this? I have heard of PATRIIA KANE ONE OF MY CHIROPRACTORS TRIED TO GET ME TO SEE HER BUT IT IS A 5-6 HR TRIP FROM PITTSBURGH TO PHILLY. Did you see her?
  17. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    by the way have you lost any weight on this. are you still feeling good.
  18. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    After reading elastigirl's good results with Calcium Pyruvate yesterday morning, I headed right to the store!

    I was not able to find Solaray brand there. I was at The Vitamin Shoppe, and they had two different brands. Both were simply bottled as "Pyruvate" (although the ingredients table on the label list it as Calcium Pyruvate) and were in the weight loss section. I bought BodyTech Pyruvate 750mg, 120 capules for $25.39.

    I took two capsules immediately (about 2:00 pm) and then two more about 8:00 pm. I didn't notice any benefit at all. Yesterday I was in a great deal of pain all day, so I was disappointed but not discouraged that it didn't help right away. I am assuming that it needs to get in the blood stream?

    Anyway, this morning I took two more 750mg capsules, along with my usual regimen of two Tylenol, one Cymbalta 30mg (I also take one Cymbalta at night), and my sublingual B12. I didn't think much of it until about 1:00 pm ... when I realized I had VERY LITTLE pain!! Woo hoo! Now mind you, I'm not feeling great but I DON'T HURT right now! Mind boggling to say the least!!!!

    I woke up with sore hands, my upper and lower arm muscles were in knots and my lower arms felt like someone was hammering a railroad spike into the bone, and my hips and legs had a general achiness. Yesterday my neck was so stiff that I couldn't turn my head to the right at all, and this morning it was still stiff. BUT ... right now the achiness in all areas has subsided, my neck is feeling pretty darn good, and my hands DO NOT HURT AT ALL. And like elastigirl, I typically experience severe burning sensations in my leg muscles when I squat down. I still have a bit of that this afternoon but nothing like I usually do. Hallelujah!

    I haven't noticed a huge increase in my energy level today, but I don't feel as "foggy" or as draggy this afternoon as I did even just a few hours ago. And I just finished cleaning up the kitchen, straightening up the bedroom, taking a shower, etc. I'm just grateful that I don't feel like taking a nap right now!

    I don't know how much of this to attribute to the Calcium Pyruvate, but in my mind it doesn't matter! It may be that the B12 is contributing too, as I just started the sublingual B12 this past Wednesday. All I know is that I will definitely keep taking both of them, and hopefully will see even better results in the coming days!

    And if by some chance there really is a weight loss benefit to the Pyruvate, well I'll positively be on Cloud Nine!!!!

    Elastigirl and others who may start on the Calcium Pyruvate, let's keep posting and comparing results. We may be on to something big! And Elastigirl, please tell your dad thank you and give him a big hug for me!!

    - a very happy Kat -

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  19. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Even though I typically have less pain than most people with FM (leaning more towards CFS,) certain situations give me a lot of pain and sometimes a full-blown flare.

    I had to take two long car rides this weekend. That usually gives me upper and lower back pain and stiffness, as well as random pain that roves about, especially through my hips and legs. I had a lot of emotional stress, too, which usually gives me random, "gravelly" pain through my joints and spine.

    No pain this weekend.

    Also, due to the busy, stressful nature of the weekend, I did not get more than six hours of sleep for three nights in a row. Even though I was really tired, the Calcium Pyruvate gave me the energy to "push through" until I could get some real sleep -- last night.

    So I wanted to be clear about that: I still get fatigued. I still need extra sleep (though not as much as before.)

    However, I can now function even when I'm tired. (Remember that?) In the past five years, I would just have to give up whatever task I was working on or what ever errand I wanted to run, because my body would just give out on me -- and I'd have to lie down.

    Like I said, I hope this effect lasts :)!

    My weight has stayed the same. Because I'm pacing myself, I haven't really thrown myself into housework or anything else really physical that might accelerate weight loss. But I'm steadily doing a little more each day -- which is just ~so~ great :).
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  20. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    maybe you are on to something! Sounds like a pretty harmless thing to try.. I'm glad you have found something that is helping.. Your dad sounds like a great guy!

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