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    Patti, Thanks for this. I was going to ask about the crossword puzzles online. Do you play checkers? I found a good online game with real people. I enjoy playing when I feel up to it. I'm not very good, I only win about 1/3 of the time.

    The players are from all over the globe. There are 3 levels, beginner (me), intermediate and expert. Sometimes I play against experts and, surprisingly, have won a few. GB
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    Hi GB.

    No, I'm into word games - crosswords and Scrabble.

    I used to play Scrabble with real people all over the world, but my brain fog has gotten so bad, I'm too slow. So I just play the robots at my leisure.

    It was fun playing Scrabble with real people back when I could - loved it. You could chat while you play, too. I didn't like chatting because I had to concentrate finding a word, but ended up having fun chatting anyway.

    Do you like Sudoku? Not me. I can't even figure out the instructions, hahahaha.

    I can't believe I like Tetris. I play it on the slowest easiest level. The one place in life that all the pieces fit together, haha.

    Word games are my forte, and therefore are what's fun for me.

    I wonder if I could find the link to your checkers game, and post the link in your post, for others to play if they read this thread. Could you give me a clue to find it?

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    Hi Patti

    The nice thing about word games is you don't generally need a lot of equipment.
    I remember in college we used to play charades and password. Didn't need any
    equipment except a pen and paper. Very affordable too.

    I'm not much good with numbers. Couldn't figure out Sudoku anymore than I
    could ride a buckin' bronco.

    I tried a couple of the crossword sites. The puzzles were fine, but it's too
    difficult to maneuver up and down; especially with a scroll button that
    no workee.

    I like board games and card games. Used to play in bridge tournaments. Some-
    times went to San Diego, or Palm Springs, or Santa Barbara for same. Don't
    play anymore. Can't remember the cards. I'm going to check out the Tetris
    site. Used to play that one with my son decades ago. Thanks for the post.

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    Patti and Rock, I'll try to figure out how I got to the checker games. I have the icon on my desktop so I don't remember where it was.

    I love to play word games too. I used to play Text Twist online. That was fun. I found another anagram game on a Parade magazine site and Word Bubble, or something like that.

    As for Sudoku, forget it! :) I can't understand a thing about it. I admire people who can play that one. Numbers aren't my thing.

    I used to play card games but have no one to play with now. :( We played Rummy and Canasta when I was a kid. Canasta is like a double rummy game with a little variation.

    My kids and I used to play Monoply but it was SO SLOW. Yahtzee was a favorite for me and one of my daughters.

    Now, wouldn't it be fun if all of us could get together online and play some cards, etc! GB
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    Hi Kids

    When I was a teen we played whist. It's the mother of bridge. Back in the 80s we
    used to have card parties at our place. We played canasta as well as a variation of
    canasta called Hand and Foot. Essentially you had two hands. After you played
    out all the cards in the first one you picked up the second hand and played that.
    Gordon modified the name from Hand and Foot to Hoof and Mouth.

    And we played Killer Uno which is like regular Uno only on speed. And we
    played another game, but now I can't remember the name of it. But each
    player got 7 cards the first hand and one less for each following hand. Then
    you reversed direction and worked your way up to seven again. The way to
    win was to bid; take exactly as many tricks and you said you would.

    I remember when Scrabble was new. Haven't played for many decades.
    My mother was an expert because she was a good speller and knew lots
    of obscure words from doing crosswords. I think knowing lots of two
    letter words was a big advantage.

    Yes, it would be fun to get together and play cards. I used to play
    bridge on line. In the middle of the night I sometimes played in
    games where each of the 4 players was in a different country. But
    I can't play bridge anymore. Can't remember the cards.

    I don't suppose young people play anything today that isn't electronic.


    I just asked Gordon about the game where you started with 7
    cards and went down and back up again. He says we called
    it "Oh, Hell!"
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