My favorite quotes for today! Encouragement for the suffering.

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    Our weakness in but the line for the wheels of God's might and strength to run upon.
    Lillian Harvey

    Only the beggared ask,
    Only the weakened cling,
    Only the joyless crave
    Joy from the Living Spring.

    Only the conquered yield,
    Only the humbled pray,
    Only the helpless trust
    Jesus, the soul's strong Stay.

    Only the weary rest,
    Only the seekers find,
    Only the souls are blest,
    Who in the Saviour hide.

    -E.C. Priestley

    A man who has no experience in the dark has no secret to communicate in the light.
    - Anon.
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    Thank you for this, was very touching to me today, I'll certainly be saving this post. God bless you.

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    It certainly puts things in perspective doesn`t it! Its like the saying how would you know if you were happy if you`d never been sad?