My Favorite Rendition of Ave Maria - by Aaron Neville

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Waynesrhythm, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi All,

    The following Youtube link features a slide show and Aaron Neville's rendition of Ave Maria. It's my favorite rendition I've ever run across. Thought I'd share it here in case anybody else might want to check it out.

    Ave Maria by Aaron Neville

    Hope you enjoy it.

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  2. windblade

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    Such a tender rendition of Ave Maria. I ended up with tears pouring down my face - it always affects me that way. Greatly healing tears. I went on to Pavarotti, and listened to that twice.

    I have to remember to do that more! Healing music. Thank you so much for bringing it here.

  3. vivian53

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    That is beautiful. I have always loved the Neville brothers. I heard them many many (I won't say exactly) years since I have seen them live, in New Orleans.

    Thanks Wayne. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

    peace and hugs,
  4. jole

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    I absolutely love the Ave Maria...I've heard it sung at many weddings, and my niece does this rendention very well. Of course, not "quite" as good as
  5. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi All,

    Hi Judy, thank you for your note here this morning. I really appreciated your comments on "great healing tears" and "healing music". Vivian, nice to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed this video as well. I was reading a small booklet last night on spiritual healing which brought up an interesting point that I think relates to this music.

    In essence, healings of all kinds can occur immediately, but quite often come as a result of "seeds of healing" being planted and then allowed to nurture in the ensuing weeks, months, or even years. I would guess these healing seeds would include any number of things, including healing music, a good cry, attitudes of gratitude, hearty jovial laughter, etc.

    I'm sure others here could mention certain things that might be healing seeds (I would be happy to hear some of you what might work for you). After reading about this last night, I think I'm going to try to "cultivate" these special moments when things come to me that open my heart.

    I think this would be in line with the adage of "as ye sew so shall ye reap". It would seem we all have the opportunity to plant our gardens every day. I think I'm going to try planting a few more healing seeds.

    Any thoughts anybody?

    Peace, love and healing to All, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 06/09/2009]
  6. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Jole!

    Glad you also enjoyed this music and video. I looked this up on Youtube after hearing an interview with Aaron Nelville. He described growing up in New Orleans, and how often it was very difficult for him. It was hearing Ave Maria that was often sung at his church that was always able to bring him upliftment from some of the pressing burdens he carried.

    So this song was/is very personal to him. Which I think is why he is able to sing it with such love and depth. This song was very healing for him, and I think he is sharing it in a way that can provide the same for his listeners.

    Best, Wayne
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  7. windblade

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    I had Ave Maria playing in the back of my mind as I went to sleep last night. You just woke me up to the fact that I need to hear more healing music.

    I like so much where your thoughts are going about the planting of seeds. Will think about that some more.

    Blessings to you,
  8. vivian53

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    "Seeds of healing", spiritual and otherwise I would imagine. I like it Wayne. Isn't it so true though? Little things that can just make your heart sing.

    Hearing the laughter of people I love. The feeling I get when I am in a room with loved ones and we are all laughing,telling jokes,and stories all of us have heard but love anyway. I like to watch their faces and mark the moment in my mind for future reference.

    The outdoors. When I am anxious or depressed going outside helps me feel better. I like to meditate outside, I feel more connected. Any outside will do, but the further away from people I can get, the better. My husband and I used to camp in a remote part of Texas, on the Rio Grande, that took us 2 hours to get to by boat. Remote is good for me.

    Music of all sorts. When I am really down there is nothing like the Blues. BB King and I have spent a lot of time together. Classical music when I am in the mood, and good old rock and roll.
    When I am in a very special mood I will break out my old LP's and listen to the songs of my youth.

    These seeds are good for my soul. They are things that I cherish, that make my life worthwhile. And I can draw on them when things aren't going very well.

    peace and hugs to all