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    Here's a test where everydobby can get a perfect score. Answer your own

    Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind.
    Favorite Movie Star: Judy Garland.
    Favorite Movie Dancer: Gene Kelly.

    Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake.
    Other Favorite Dessert: Pecan Pie.

    Favorite Song: I have hundreds. But the latest one is "The Carnival is
    Over" sung by the Seekers.
    Favorite Folk Song: Roll On, Columbia (by Woody Guthrie).
    Favorite Rock Song: All Shook Up.
    Favorite Country Western Song: Saginaw Michigan

    Favorite Teacher: Rena B. Ingersoll, High School English.
    Favorite Shoes: White Bucks, also High School.
    Favorite Car: My Toyota Corolla. Had it 27 years.

    Favorite Time of My Life: When I was a young adult. Healthy, employed,
    money for all the necessities and small luxuries now and then, and far
    away from my dreadful parents.

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    Good Idea Rock!


    Movie(s) - "An Affair to Remember" and "Vertigo"

    Movie Star(s) - Female - Bette Davis/Sandra Bullock

    Movie Star(s) - Male - Jimmy Stewart/Cary Grant

    Dancer(s) - Moira Shearer/Anna Pavlova

    Singer(s) - Karen Carpenter/Johnny Mathis

    Song(s) - Most of the slow songs of the '70's.

    Dessert(s) - Anything Chocolate/Pearch Cobbler

    Car - 1990 Olds Cutlass

    Time of my life - Age 30 to 38. Kids were older and I wasn't ill with CFS.

    I'd like to add my favorite fashion period - The styles of the 1950's. Very cute clothing styles. Comfortable and feminine. GB
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    Yikes, I have so many favorites I can't pick just one. Will just pick one of my faves out of the hat.

    Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind is one of them (I sob with a flood of tears pouring down my face every time I watch the part where Hattie McDaniel is walking up the stairs with Melanie, telling her how Rhett won't let anyone in the room with him and Bonnie Blue's casket)

    Favorite Movie Star: Robert De Niro (love his crooked grin), Anne Bancroft (loved her and Harvey Fierstein in Torch Song Trilogy, and in The Miracle Worker)

    Favorite Movie Dancer: I don't watch very many musicals, so don't know. West Side Story dancers? Another fave movie

    Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake is my one fave by far

    Other Favorite Dessert: Pies (everything but mincemeat - I've never had the nerve to even try it, haha. It's probably delish - oh and rhubarb pie I tasted once and spit it out, not delicious to me)

    Favorite Song: Any from Leonard Cohen's first two albums

    Favorite Folk Song: It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding by Bob Dylan

    Favorite Rock Song: Any of the Rolling Stones songs

    Favorite Country Western Song: I don't listen to Western, so just picking one at random I liked - Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

    Favorite Teacher: Young Mr. White, freshman high school English teacher - he opened our small-town young minds to the world, the troubles and seriousness of the world, such as had us read 'Why Johnny Can't Read'

    Favorite Shoes: Chukka boots

    Favorite Car: 63' Chevy Bel Air when age 16 - 18 (til I forgot to put anti-freeze in, the winter I moved out on my own the day I finished high school, and cracked the engine)

    Favorite Time of My Life: Right now (since I've always been kind of miserable in my mind since in kindergarten - was painfully shy til age 25 - I wouldn't want to re-do any of it)

    Favorite Fashion Style: The 60's hippie clothes
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    Hi Kids

    GB, did you know An Affair to Remember has been made into a film 3-4
    times? That's the film that proved that even when you are as attractive
    as Debbie, it's hard to look good in orange.


    Regarding rhubarb pie, we used to grow our own rhubarb. It grows like a weed.
    So does asparagus. Dunno why they're so expensive. Anyhoo my mom
    combined rhubarb with strawberries in her pie. All her baking was superb.

    Me, too, Patti. I usually have oodles of favorites too. Hard to pick one.
    I'm not too sure what Chukka boots are. Made me think of Hush Puppies.
    They were new when I went to college. Don't know if they came in boots though.

    Feel free to add you own categories to this game: Favorite cookie; board game;
    vacation spot; pet.

    My favorite hot dish when I was a kid was tuna. Even a kid could make it.
    It only had three ingreeiments: tuna, potato chips and mushroom soup.
    BTW, at the Minnesota State Fair they sell lots of stuff on a stick including
    Tater Tot Hot Dish.

    My favorite mini series was Mapp and Lucia which was based on 6 novels
    from the 1920s by an English writer named Benson who died the year
    I was born. I am not a writer so that proves reincarnation if an iffy

    Ta Ta
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    Rock, The version of 'An Affair to Remembe" that I like was the one made in the '50's. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I like the song too. Especially when his (Cary Grant's) 'mom' played it on the piano. Beautiful.

    I have seen other versions but they aren't as good imo. I think I'll add some more to it later on after I eat dinner! GB
  6. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi All.

    GB, I did the shoulder exercise in the shower this afternoon and it worked! I moved it in the pendulum position first, then in all kinds of positions, around and around and up and down and every which way that I could fit in the shower. A little later I moved both arms every which way some more in the living room with my arms spread out all over like a helicopter, plus criss-crossed them back and forth in front of me and in back and far as I could reach. It really helped loosen up my shoulder. And the pain is half the amount, such as when I reach for my other shoulder. Wow. So glad you mentioned it. I'll do it every day.

    My friend who had the frozen shoulder for a year had told me she went to one therapy session for it at first and it nearly killed her with pain. So I figured I just had to ride it out. So glad you told me about it, thanks!

    I looked online for sciatica exercises for hub, but never thought to look for my shoulder.

    No, I don't have that neuropathy. Came close to it with random shooting pains, but got my diabetes under control back then and caught it in the nick of time, I think. Hub's sister has it a bit, and was saying she saw on a t.v. show about rolling your feet over a rubber ball. Is that the exercise you did for yours? I think it was on the Dr. Oz show she saw it.

    Speaking of AA, that rhubarb pie was at a sumptuous AA dinner. I thought it was a strawberry pie (which I've never had), it was loaded with strawberry and bright red sauce, but then it had a bitter taste. I've read that the leaves or stems are highly poisonous.

    I watched Nanook of the North last night. Took a few days, had to keep taking breaks. They live off of seals and fish they hunt, and eat them raw. It was really interesting watching him build a good size igloo for his family in one hour to stay in overnight, like a motel, then the next morning they continued their travels on the dog sled.

    I also watched The Miracle Worker with Patty Duke as Helen last night. Excellent movie. Extremely physically rigorous scenes for both her and Anne Bancroft. I bet they had bruises all over themselves.

    The name Opal reminds me of when I was 21 and the sweet elderly couple on the corner were selling their old '63 Chevy Bel Air (oh joy!) for $100. Remember when you could buy an old car for that and it ran a few years easy peasy?

    Well, I took it for a good test drive on the highway, and the gas gauge needle went down an eighth of a tank in that short distance right before my eyes. I told them it used too much gas and I didn't want to buy it. Then sweet little Opal said "We put pepper in the transmission." Hahahaha. I can't believe she told me that.

    Tuna dish reminded me of a funny story of my son. He didn't like the taste of tuna casserole. One time when he was a mid-teen, my hubby made tuna casserole but forgot to put the tuna in. My son took a bite of his first, and said "Hey, this doesn't taste half bad." Then we found out why.

    My Favorite Entree: Spaghetti

    Fave Board Game: Parcheesi

    Here's a pic of chukka boots, also known as desert boots. One from online and one of me in mine.


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    Patti, I'm so glad you got relief from the shoulder pain! That simple exercise really suprised me too. Be sure not to overdo at any one time though. If it starts to get a bit more painful after exercising just take it a little easier. That happened to me.

    The doc demonstrated it for me in the office. She held the side of the desk and swung her arms, I told her she looked like Igor (Frankenstein's side kick).

    I'm going to ask her for some back exercises when I visit next time. I have degenerative spine and scoliosis and I don't want to do the wrong moves.

    Those chukka boots are really cute. I love that picture! My older daughter had a sweater like the one you're wearing and had long blond hair, parted in the middle. The photo I have of her was in 1973 when she was 14.

    Keep on Truckin' GB
  8. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    I looked like a stationary whirling dervish, with just my arms flying about. I'll try not to overdo anymore.

    Yes, you sure do have to be careful with your back.

    Keep On Keepin' On.

  9. rockgor

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    WOW, Patti! That is a great picture! You look so exuberant, happy, healthy,
    busy. And slim as a marathon runner. That's a keeper. As indicated by the
    fact that you've kept it. Is that your dog too?

    How about the house? It's similar to the one I grew up in. Same enclosed porch.
    My folks sold the place in 1960. About 16 years later when I was back in Minnesota,
    I went to see the old place. It had been bought a guy called Bud who worked at
    the village lumberyard and was a carpenter. The place was transformed. The
    front porch was now part of the living room. The stairs which had been
    enclosed were now open and came down into the living room instead of the

    The kitchen had been moved to what had been part of the living room. And the
    two bedrooms upstairs which had been on different levels were now one large
    bedroom for 2 or 3 boys. I was amaziated!

    Yes, I think desert boots sounds familiar. Sounds like your Hubby made the
    famous Tuna surprise casserole. Where's the Tuna? That's the surprise.

    Never played parcheesi, but I've played Sorry. I read they were the same or at
    least very close. Remember Mama and Eunice and Ed playing Sorry? I should
    go look at that clip again. Similar to their Monopoly game. Lots of bickering
    and plenty of ill will to go around.

    Hey! BG, did you notice? The pic I posted of Cary and Deborah has evaporated.
    These computers are so unpredictable. Mine was really ornery yesterday.

    Great to hear that the shoulder exercise was helpful.

    Well, Goodnight Shirt! It's getting harder and harder to post. My typing and
    spelling have gone all the way to Helen Back and now my brain substitutes
    words. Instead of "transformed" above, I typed "transferred". Uff-da!

    Time to go see what's up on the porch. Hugs, Rock
  10. ConfusedInPA

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    Well, guess what --

    Maybe your pic is back, Rock!



    Is this the pic you posted??

    I never saw this movie, but I think I'll order it from the library.

    Diane :)
  11. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi All.

    I can still see the pic of Grant and Kerr that Rock posted.

    Rock, that wasn't my house. It was the house down the street from mine. I don't know who lived there. I lived in a ranch-style house when we moved out to the country/suburbs when I was in 6th grade. A long one-story house and finished basement. Then I moved back to the city when I moved out on my own.

    Your house sounds nice like the one in my pic - they sure did change it. Me and hub liked to drive past our old houses we grew up in. Me and my sister went back and looked through our elementary school, it was huge - usually when you go back as an adult, everything looks smaller. But that school still looked huge.

    You can google any address and see the house from the street, and go up and down the street and neighborhood, or see it and everything from bird's eye view. Now we google the houses.

    In the pic, me and best friend were embarking on a long adventurous walk. My satchel purse was full of food and supplies for the trip. She always got me out for some fun, otherwise I would've stayed in my room at home reading and listening to records. King was her old dog. He had a bulldog/boxer face. We walked from our one-traffic-light town to the next one-traffic-light town.

    After we got there it was dark, and we, including old King, didn't have the energy to make it back home, so I called my Dad to come get us. Dad didn't like animals, and King panted in his ear the whole ride home, haha. Just a few years ago, when I mentioned to Dad about him not liking animals, he told me he had sworn he'd never love another pet again because when his childhood dog died it broke his heart. I had always thought he hated animals, but it was kind of the opposite.

    I like the Sorry board game, too. It's just like Parcheesi. I posted those hilarious Carol Burnett videos here on this board a while back. Eunice loved board games and no one else did. What a fiasco she went through when she finally got them to play. The T.V. show Mama's Family was funny, too.

    The Clue game was fun, too. I hated Monopoly, was boring to me.

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    Patti, Rock, Diane, I love the 'Affair to Remember' posts, thanks.
    My hubby and I were dating when we saw that movie and from that time on it was our favorite, and the song still is.

    Patti, the house in your photo is a lot like the one we lived in when the kids were growing up. We rented at that time but it was the house they think of as home. It had a porch like that on the side that someone had converted to another bedroom.

    I recently googled the house in FL that I grew up in and it's still there. My grandmother had it built in 1949. It was a small 2 bedroom 1 bath with a back porch. Nothing fancy for sure.

    I saw that episode of Mama's Family recently where they played Sorry. It was sad. I always felt sorry for Eunice. She wanted things to be so much better than they were but her family didn't get her. Poor Euny. :( GB
  13. hangininthere

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    I've never seen 'An Affair To Remember'. I've always known the title is famous, but never saw it. I'll put it on my list to watch. And hear you and your hub's song.

    You can google any address and add 'property valuation', and it will show who the owner is and who the previous owner was, and what they paid for the house, and all kinds of info on the house. The property valuations give you several houses' info on the street, so scroll down to the address you want.

    I've rented all my life, and my 37 year old son calls the house we've been in for the past 23 years 'the old homestead'.

    My Grandpa and Grandma built their own little two story house themselves before I was born - the size of a bungalow but with two stories. They lived in it the rest of their lives. It had small rooms - two bedrooms upstairs and nothing else, and downstairs the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. It was a castle to me and still is. I loved them so much. There were Tiger Lilies in their back yard along the garage. When I moved into this house, there were already Tiger Lilies here from the previous renter, that bloom every spring. I call them Grandma's Tiger Lilies.
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    Patti, You are so fortunate to have such happy memories of your grandparents. They sound wonderful!

    I have been watching Carol Burnett every night on one of the cable channels. In tonight's episode they were doing a skit about 'political correctness' being a problem with how they wrote the skits. I can't believe that they had that much of a problem all those years ago, but they did. It didn't even have a name back then. :)

    Some of the skits are still very funny but a lot of them are a bit corny. I still like to watch it though. Lots of memories. GB
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Did you see Carol Burnett and Kevin Spacey on the Stephen Colbert show?
    Spacey does a wonderful impersonation of Jimmy Stewart. Carol is in her
    80s now. She is still trim and was wearing a spiffy black suit w/ white
    lapels. It's on Youtube.

    It's too bad they took the Mama's Family episodes off Youtube. The best
    ones had Carol in them. Youtube does have "Eunice" which is a long
    program with Mama and Eunice and Vint. In this show Ken Barry
    portrays Vint as being considerably smarter than on the sit com.

    Yes, Patti, Eunice liked board games. For some reason (bad script writers,
    I guess) she always called them parlor games. Hide the Thimble or charades
    is a parlor game. I've never owned real estate either. My son bought a town
    house when he was in his 20s. I think he read a fortune cookie that said, "Get
    a lot while you're young." How's your shoulder today?

    Diane, that's not the pic I posted, but it's a nice poster. It must be a recent
    one. Movie posters didn't look like that back in the 50s. Wikipedia has
    the history of the movie and the several films both before and after that
    were similar e.g. Sleepless in Seattle.

    Yes, GB, poor Eunie. I don't know which was worse. Her terrible family
    or that hideous dress she wore year after year. In real life Carol's family
    was pretty hideous too. She grew up in East Hollywood living with her
    grandmother. I read her bio years ago. I think her parents were both
    absent drunks.