my ferritin is very, very high..any thoughts

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    my ferritin is very high., dr didnt mention anything to me about it or what to, my ferritin is 490 ...the last check on it was in january 2010, by my llmd, and it was 165

    ..i need to call my blood dr tomorrow, i want it drain...i dont even know what causes it to be so high..

    can someone explain this high ferritin, dr's refused to give their knowledge.

    the dr want me to see a REUMATOLOGIST FOR MY ANA that is high thou, my last test on that it was 1.180, with this new test it went down to 1.160 with speckled A () star like the last time, does the no star means anything...
  2. Juloo

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    I'm no expert, but generally levels over 1000 are indicative of hemochromatosis. There are some other conditions that cause high ferritin -- one of them is inflammation.

    I would say to donate blood, but since you've got a llmd, that doesn't sound like a good possibility. Keep asking...(and bumping for you)...
  3. ulala

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    and you can google elevated ferritin.

    Good luck!
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    Don't have any ideas about why your ferritin is so high. But wanted to let you know about
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    Super Artemisinin. 60 veggie capsules $32.49 (not cheap but might last 2 months)

    This is the quote 'Unhealthy cells thrive on free iron in the body; this pure Artemisinin
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    Dr. Cheney uses a form of it on his patients and says it is his most potent antiviral (pathogen)
    so you might be killing two birds with one supplement.

    I am going to start on it after I have my next labs in a couple of weeks.

    Good Luck, dear Friend,