My Fibro Day

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    My Fibro Day

    Usually wake up at 9am, after a sound night’s sleep. Hmm – check myself out – anything numb or tingling, do I feel stiff and achy? Well, not too bad – but my bladder is screaming. Uh, oh – legs don’t feel too steady today. Get myself to the bathroom and get washed/clean teeth etc. My legs are starting to ache and shake already from being stood up this long. Comb my hair but not for too long – the arms are aching from the effort.
    Better take a rest before driving to work- maybe a glass of milk. Gather my bag of supplements (weighs nearly as much as me) and set off for the car.
    It’s a nice bright day, and my vision is pleasantly sharp right now. (It won’t last.)
    After reaching work, I get out from the car a little dizzy as (usual) from the driving. I can also feel a headache rumbling and my neck has started to stiffen. What, I need to go to the bathroom again already? Sigh. Ok.
    In the office I grab myself another glass of milk and pop a magnesium and a Co-Q10 (why do I bother? These suckers ain’t doin squat!!) After checking my emails, I visit the fibro board and see what everybody’s up to. Okay, so we’re all feeling sh*t and there’s no miracle cure announced yet. Typical.
    Morning is quiet, not too many phone calls but my wrist is sore from using the mouse. And yup, after a few hours of PC use, my vision is blurring. Test myself by focussing on distant objects — now you see it, now you don’t! Notice I can’t get warm today – legs like ice blocks even though I’m practically sitting on a heater. I have small tremors in both hands – muscle fatigue or chills? Dunno.
    Get a pizza delivered for lunch and supplements for dessert (another Co-Q10, B12, B complex, another magnesium). Have a banana for potassium, and realize that my feet are cramping – better stick them in the heater!
    In the afternoon, a buyer comes round. He’s an important client so I have to actually get up from my desk and walk with him. It’s murder – my knees are stiff and painful (hurts to even do a reflex test on them), and when I’m walking, I get that ol’ buckling knee feeling. Almost like my knees are double-hinged. Still, I manage to look normal, but by the time I sit down, my legs feel bruised and tight. Now my feet are tingling too, and I’m noticing that the burning ‘hot spots’ have begun to travel around. Manage to smile for the buyer.
    By the time the office is closing, I feel pretty tired, and have trouble focusing. My neck is stiff as a board and my arms are aching along their entire length. Pop some more supplements before locking up and walking to the car. Oh no, it’s frosty and there’s ice on the windscreen!! Try switching on the car heating to clear it, but that doesn’t work so I have to use my poor aching arm to vigorously scrape it off. (Ow! Ouch! Ow! Ouch! Ow!)
    Feel sleepy on the way home and weary from pain. I know my body wants to shut down, but I have Xmas shopping to do in the mall tonite, and I know it will be hell.
    My girlfriend is too exhausted from her CFS to go with me so I brave the mall on my own. After only a short while, my legs are stiff as boards, feels like I’ve got steel cable instead of tendons. I forget about 80% of what I actually went to the mall for, but hell, I’m proud I managed to do some shopping.
    Back in the car, my feet are buzzing and burning from the exertion. I want to go to sleep but they’ll lock me in the freezing mall carpark! My worst nightmare.
    I manage to brave the halos and flare from all the Xmas decorations and get myself home, where I relax in a hot bath. Get a warm cuddle and a kiss goodnight from my girlfriend (who says I did good) and I snuggle up under the covers with her hoping the tingling will subside soon so I can get to sleep.
    Maybe things will be easier tomorrow. I think I’ll dream of being normal again.

    Merry Xmas Everybody
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    I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, and I do have great sympathy for what you are going through, but I was positively green with envy while reading your post.
    I have not been able to work for 17 yrs. I've not been able to drive at night for 17 yrs. and shopping in a mall is out of the question, ever. For one thing, I can't drive that far without my right leg going numb, for another I can't tolerate the overstimulation of the crowds and noise without becoming too dizzy to walk or drive, and I can't afford to buy presents for anyone except the "necessary" relatives anymore without income from a job. You get the picture.
    Keep taking those supplements....I tried to stop some of mine and found out very quickly that I had "forgotten" how much worse I was before them. When I am going to be away from home, I put my supplements in film cans labelled with "B", "L" or "D" for which meal they should be taken with. It makes it easier to carry them.
    I do NOT mean to diminish your suffering. I thought putting it in the perspective of what you CAN do, rather than what you can't, might make you feel better, by comparison, about your situation, but if it doesn't help, then just ignore me.
    Happy holidays,
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    It's a crazy world we live in, isn't it? We all try to go through the steps of normality---inspite of the fact that nothing is normal! I can see in your writing though you are battling this with wit and humor, that's a great supplement!
    Be well, friend--and may you and your gf---have a great holiday---albeit not normal, but great nonetheless.
    Best wishes,
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    And Klutzo, I may soon not be able to do the things I'm doing right now, because my FM is progressing at quite an alarming rate. I never had walking problems when this thing started. Now, just standing for any length of time puts massive strain on the muscles. And like you, I'm still searching for answers and still hoping. But I thank you for your reply and wish you all the best for the holiday season -- it seems that Fibro places a challenge for all of us to find some happiness at this time of year. And I for one intend to try and find some, despite the discomfort!
    Best wishes,

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