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    hey all, just wanted to thank everyone that has posted because all of them have made me see im not crazy or alone. I was diagnosed with fm after an auto accident two yrs ago and slowly its getting worse. im overweight so the first thing people think is "if she would excercise and or lose weight she would feel better". well that may be so but i have to not be in extreme pain in order to excercise! I do use my gazelle about three times a week if im not in to much pain. but some days i get sooo down. i am on cymbalta now and it helps, use lortab and flexeril to sleep, but now just tylenol arthritis does not do to good for daytime. still working and not ready to stop yet. im only 48 and if i can tough it out for seven more yrs i can retire. I have about three or four days a month where with pain and the fog i have to give in and go home to crash!
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    I also have a Gazelle and love it. As long as I don't go too fast or for too long, I find that my CFS isn't too bothered when I exercise on it.

    My sister-in-law has FM and when she lost weight it didn't do anything to help with her FM pain. She finds that on the days that she doesn't get any physical activity, she is in more pain, however, it certainly isn't a cure for FM.
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    Oddly enough i was dx'ed with fm after a significant wt loss. It didnt help my fm but i did feel better. They want to blame everything on being overweight and thats not always the case. Its my personal opinion that fm progresses. I hope thats not the case for you and you get to that retirement age!
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    Hi kat I just thought I would let you know my experience with fibro and weight loss. I was diagnosed with fibro in 2000. The neuro that I was seeing talked me into having a gastric bypass in 2003. What they didnt tell me was that by having the gastric bypass I would no longer be able to take any sort of anti-inflamatories including advil. Well I lost around 140 lbs. from the bypass but as far as the fibro it did nothing at all and I was no longer allowed to take the things that helped me. Since then I have also become super sensitive to pain medications. The only thing that I have been able to tolerate is fentanyl patches and muscle relaxers. When someone tells you that you need to lose weight to feel better let them know that there are alot of people who suffer from fibro who are not overweight. Good luck my friend.
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    hey shirley, thanks a lot for the boost. Today i needed it, decided to have a cookout for fathers day for my hubby and dad and needless to say, i couldnt have picked a worse day, i wallowed through but am in so much pain right now i wanna cry. guess ill just drug up and go to bed...
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    hey tiger thanks for the info, i needed to hear it.
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    hi misfit, i certainly hope i can make it to retirement, but i feel like its getting worse