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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by angrob75, Jun 23, 2008.

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    i just wanted to let you all know that i had my first appointment yesterday with my new Dr, new was really nice and seemed knowledgeable. He spent over an hour with me and answered alot of questions for me since i am new to all of this. I tested positive for mono, Lyme, and Lupus!! He started me on Amox 500mg, two of them four times a day (4000 mg a day, is that a lot??, sounds like it) and a daily multi viatamin, B-complex, and Acidophilus with every meal. Anyway today is my first day on taking the meds so wish me luck. He said that he thought that i would have to have the IV treatment and have a pic line but he will try to wait closer to fall for that since it is a little unconfortable in the summer with the bandage and all. He also told me that we needed to take care of the Lyme first before we could focus on the Lupus (does that sound ok or should both try to be tackled?) anyway i just wanted to keep you updated and get your thoughts.

    p.s. he said that it really hard to tell at this point if all my symptoms are Lyme related or if some are lupus related, only time will tell,i guess
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    lupus too?
    i had an ana but, neg for specific aid: lupus, ra, scleroderma, etc.
    what test did you have that said you had lupus?
    since we have the same symptoms i am so curious.
    i'm glad your appt. went well.
    please keep me posted...i would love to email with you but, i don't think we are allowed to do that here.
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    thanks for your post! The test that i had done that i think was the one that the Dr said pointed to Lupus was one called Antinuclear Antibodies Direct test......don't hold me to that one because i had so many tests done that i have them all confused now, hahhah
    I don't mind you e-mailing if you would like to, that would be fine, i am not sure if i am suppose to put it on here or not but if you just put after my sign in name that will work, hahha
    I can use any friendly support that i can get and hope i can help someone else in the process
    look forward to hearing from you!
  4. boscosmom

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    do....the email
    yep, i had that test for lupus too...5x in the past 3 years.
    still neg.
    strange we have all the same symptoms though.
    many prayers to you and i will contact you soon via HOT (ha) name is cdcruse...with your same suffix...HOT etc...

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    Sounds like a very productive appointment! Most of the hurdle is getting the correct diagnose(s) and treatment plans, so sounds like you are on the right track!

    I don't know anything about Lupus, but since Lyme is bacterial and therefore more definitely treated with abx, it makes sense to after the lyme first. With a lot of these multiple diagnoses, once you get the culprit under control, the other stuff can resolve on its own. Since Lupus is autoimmune, your LLMD may be hoping that getting rid of the lyme and then the viruses will fix your immune system enough that the Lupus may resolve itself in time or be easier to treat?

    If your EBV does not go down after being on abx a few months, you should ask yoru doctor about going on Valtrex or an herbal antiviral. EBV is another major obstacle to recovery.

    Good luck!

  6. Junegal

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    I am glad you found a doctor who was able to piece your symptoms together and came up with a plan. I know it will be a long road but at least you are starting on your journey to recovery.

    Thanks for posting your update.
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    My ANA was high initially. But it was the Lyme. I do not, nor have I ever had Lupus.

    The worst mistake the rheumy made was giving me steroids for the high ANA.

    The ONLY reason I am still alive is b/c I happen to be on Abx at that time for acne.

    Watch what is going on.

  8. ulala

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    Someone recently started a thread about high dose amoxy. I've posted the link here for you to read if you're interested. I just started taking doxy one day ago but my doc only prescribed 1500 mgs. per day. I'm going to try to get it increased.

    Best wishes!;f=1;t=067998
  9. angrob75

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    thanks so much for all of the info, i will look at the lymenet website.....i really appreciate all of the comments, because right now i am a knowledge junkie, hahha.....i feel like i need to find out more to make me feel more comfortable about all of this!
    Thanks again and i hope that you are all blessed with a feel good day today!
  10. foggyfroggy

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    Did you mean 1500 mg DOXY? or AMOXY?