My First Rheum appt was a nightmare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Apr 18, 2003.

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    Ok, I went to see this doctor yesterday. I had my list handy of symptoms that I revised to one page.

    I went into his office. His first question to me was "Where is your most painful part of your body?" I looked at him and said , "Well, sir, that is hard to say because it comes and goes. Actually, My worst symptoms are the fatigue and aches. I have this list here if you want to look at them" He said, "First Things First, we do things MY way or NO way". He did not want to see my list. He wanted to go through all my painfull areas which there isnt really many of them. I couldnt tell him about the fatigue, brain fogg, cognitive problems, flu symptoms, swollen glands. When I tried to tell him of these he said that they were unrelated.

    He then asked me about my family history. I said mom died a few years ago and she had cancer and Fibro. My aunt has Lupus, Fibro, and CFS, and another aunt has CFS. He said ,"So, your mom died of cancer and had some undiagnosed arthritis, your aunt has lupus and complecations of it, and your other aunt had hormonal problems." I said, No, they had CFS and Fibro. He gave me this look

    This place was dingy and dirty too. He put me up on this examining table with one of those paper robes. He checked my trigger points and asked if they hurt. I said they were sore. My neck and upper back is always sore but I don't think I have Horrid pain in my back. I once again tried to tell him that my symptoms were what other doctors have said were classic CFS and he said , "I am the doctor here." He took x-rays of my chest and hands I have NO idea why he did my hands. I said they sometimes are sore. He took some blood, and came back and said , " I see some fibro on your chest x ray but we should get that cleared up in a few weeks." You need to stretch and take a sleeping pill. He then said that he wanted to inject pain killers in my back. I said NO WAY because my pain is not that bad, but if he would just look at my other symptoms. He said that I do have CFS and FMS but this is a wastebasket case and all I need to do is get on sleeping meds and lose weight. I told him I was losing weight before I got sick and was excercizing. Now I can't do anything strenous. My muscles were getting toned before I got really sick. He said that most people with these illnesses are overweight and imagine a lot of their symptoms. When I told him that I would not have the injections, he said "Suit Yourself, see you in a month." sigh.

    Well, at least I got a diagnosis now go find another Rheumy
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    If it looks like a quack, talks like a quack...well, golly gee, it must be a quack. One arrogant quack with a HUGE ego. Glad you said no to the injections and are looking for another doc. Some rheumies are good, but honestly, I think most of them want to focus on the pain aspects of our illnesses and ignore the rest. If there is a doc in another discipline who specializes in our illnesses, you might be better off with him or her.

    Love, Mikie
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    After going through so many doctors the last I-don't-know-how-many-years, and my most recent experience with the endocrinologist (who later turned out to be a nice guy and a good doctor), I don't think I'd hesitate to get up and walk out if one treated me that way now. It makes me so angry, the way some of them treat patients. I can maybe see *doing things his way*, for the sake of his routine, maybe he has a certain *order* or system he uses in his office visits. But to be completely shut down and not be given an opportunity to really be heard, the way that makes me feel is, I'm not important enough for you to give your time and attention to, so you're not important enough for me to give MY time and money to.

    In your place, I'd definitely look for another doc. Good luck!

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    Too bad we have to pay them for what they tell us. When you go rheumy shopping try calling on the phone and talking to the nurse. Ask how the doc treats his fibro patients and with what. Ask if you can interview the doc to see if he's the right doc for you. I saw a new rheumy this way, the nurse said the way they did this was I made an appointment, talked to the doc, If I didn't like him they tore up the bill sheet. If we got along and I did like him then it was a regular appointment. The doc found out I didn't have insurance. He worked for a BIG clinic, saw me, treated me and tore up the bill sheet anyway. Call around! There are also GPs and internists who are happy to treat fibro, without sending you off to the shrink. And by the way, being treated for sleep was a major help for me. I thought I didn't have a sleep problem, I could sleep all day! But I wasn't getting the deep sleep that I needed to repair my muscles which was making me ache all over. Sleep meds made a big difference in the acheys.
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    Unfortunately, I encountered many doctors like this to try to get my infertility & sudden weight gain (50 pounds in 6 months) diagnosed 5 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant. I got the "relax, lose weight, etc etc" I finally was diagnosed with PCOS & put on the correct medication by an infertility doctor after 2 1/2 years of craziness. Since I'm no longer married I don't know for sure that I'm fertile, but I know all my other symptoms are gone (& I lost over 60 pounds).

    With the fibromyalgia I was lucky because I was seeing an internist for the "flu that would not go away". She was smart enough to diagnose me after about a million tests that came back negative. She has me on a good combo of meds & vitamins that are working great for me. But, because of my experience wtih the PCOS, I have walked right out on TWO doctors without even paying with a nice public door slam in the waiting room. I refuse to be treated as an uneducated idiot just because I don't have MD behind my name.

    Go to another doctor & get treated the way you deserve. If you encounter any arrogant nonsense, don't worry about being rude...walk out!
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    Why don't you try seeing a D.O., I have a great one.
    He specializes in FM/CFS/MCS

    Mine has a through knowledge due to alot of experience with these disorders, keeps abreast of recent research. Knows RX'es, vitamins, herbs, supplements, alternative methods, makes suggestions on lifestyle changes, diet. Understands these are multi-faceted disorders, and treats them as such, working on individual treatment regimes. Integrated medicine treats the body as a whole, instead of just working on one portion of it (i.e one specialty). I have seen rheumies, doctors of infectious med, endocrinologist, docs of internal med......way too many "ologist"....none afforded me any treatment--and most were of the "waste basket mindset".
    I am so happy with my D.O.
    He's not arrogant, is willing to try my suggestions, takes charge of the whole body, and is working his tail off to make me feel better. He really does care--and is compassionate. He desires proactive patients, too!
    I have made great progress.
    Best wishes, LL
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    I'm sorry for your experience. Know you are NOT alone - we've all gone through it over and over. You really have to 'hunt' for a doc that 'gets it' and accepts that your life struggle is the truth and not some figment of your imagination. You have to believe yourself, and demand that others do - if they don't - leave and find someone who does. They are out there! I promise. I find that younger docs are less old school (old school docs were taught that cfs or fibro were mental problems). I also find female docs may be more sensitive - do some research and find someone who specializes in your problem - it's not easy. I've also found that young gynecologists - women - really know more about our type problem. You have to give yourself what others won't - respect, love, and the right to actual treatment. Don't sit at a doc that won't step up - believe them from the beginning if they are disconnected - and start looking for someone who cares! I wish you success. Sincerely, CCR