my first symptoms for FMS

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    When I first became ill it was like the flu. The first symptoms I remember was waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and flu like symptons. When going to the hospital they did diagnose me with the flu. Three months later I still had the flu. I had dizziness,blurred vision,nausea, bad headaches in the back of my head and neck pain, reoccurrent sore throats, lightheaded, pain in my hip,brain fog, trouble concentrating at times, and panick attacks. After going to my doctor repeatedly, he diagnosed me with depression. I did not beleive this at all, but I went along with it hoping I would get better. For two years I took the drug Serzone playing with the dosage, It did not help. I also tried diferent anti depressants which made me worse. I was unable to work for the first eight months. I now take klonipin which does seem to help. It took two years untill I was diagnosed with FMS. I have done alot of research on this topic, But I am still trying figure out what will work for me. I sill suffer from symptoms that are unbearable at times, even while taking klonipin. The one thing my doctor can not find is why I have high sedimentation rates ranging between 22 and 30. If someone could give me any I deas please reply . Thank you rutters
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    I've had the high sed rate alot too~ The dr. monitors it but does'nt have an answer for it either. In some people.....I've been told that having a high sed is normal~(My dr. said this)but in most people its a signal that something is extremely inflammed~ I had mine at 58 once and needed to go on prednisone for 2 months to get it down. Even then it was down to 36?? Now mine is at 28. I'm not sure but I think normal is under 18??
    I've had Fibro now for 11 yrs plus. I'm currently being tested for lupus also.
    Hope this helps:)