My FIRST Violent Reaction To A Smell....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RhainyC, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. RhainyC

    RhainyC New Member

    happened at work today. I was having a painful morning after a night with veyr little rest or sleep. I went to work this morning despite the deep pain in my back, hips, and legs.

    While I was sitting in my little cubby hole, one of my co-workers came out of hte frint desk area, into a little vestibule that is just outside the area, and adjacent to my cubby, but not visible from it. She sprayed 5-6 times, something that within moments had my nose, throat and eyes burning. My vision got all blurry and though that cleared, it felt like I had something in my eyes still. Within moments after the burning, my gut twisted into a knot and I became nauseous and eventually started vomiting. Before the gut twist, my head began to ache like I was getting a migraine.....

    I spent another hour+ there, praying the next person coming in would come in early, just by chance. She didn't come early, but once she got there I HAD to go home. Thankfully, once I got out into the real fresh air, the symptoms began fading, though I am still, 3 hours later, feeling fuzzy headed and my stomach is still a bit Raw feeling....

    At first I thought it might have been an air freshener or room deoderizer that had been sprayed, but the more I recall the smell I am pretty sure it was the gals perfume or body spray. WHATEVER it is...I sure hte hell hope it does NOT happen again...I have never felt so horrid, so SUDDENLY in my whole life.

    Has anyone had this/these kind of reactions before?

    I am worried about it now, since I have a friend who has MCS and she had similar incidents when she was first ill with it.

  2. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    Rhainy, You need to find out what she sprayed so you can avoid it from now on. I have trouble whenever there is cholorine bleach in large amounts. Takes the breath right out of me.
  3. Shirl

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    Yes, I can relate. I do have MCS's though. I have had to leave stores, peoples homes, etc. many times feeling just like you described.

    My husband uses Irish Spring deodorant and soap at his job (he works off-shore), but at home he uses an odorless deodorant/and soap.
    If he 'forgets' and comes home with the Irish Spring on I am instantly ill. Even a shower will not completely remove the odor from his body to my heightened sense of smell! Then the odor seems like its all over the house. I have to put the attic fan on to pull it out.

    The only thing I can suggest, is that you either ask this person not to spay around you, or try a saline nose spray when you get to work. It helps somewhat.

    They did have legislation in Washington concerning perfumes, air freshner, etc. in the workplace. They have found that there are at least 60% of the population that are made ill by these chemical odors, as bad as cigarette smoke or even worst to those with different illnesses.

    Asthma is one of them. I have seen my brother go into a full blown attack by someones perfume.

    But I have not heard anymore about this for awhile now.

    HOpe you just had one bad incident.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. RhainyC

    RhainyC New Member

    I am still muddle brained at the moment but hope to be well enough to go into work tomorrow.

    Blessings to all,
  5. sumbuni

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    that is until I read your reaction to odors.

    There are so many odors that I can't tolerate, perfune, cleaners, bleach...I stary away from scented candles, popouri mixes and the chemical isle all that I can. There is something in certain perfumes that make them all smell alike to me, and I just can't stand the scent of any perfume, but especially those. Some hair sprays will give me a horrid headache...bad enough to make me sick to the tummy!

    I don't really know how to discribe my reaction...I just quit breathing until I can get away from it. It always brings on allergy/sinus problems.

    God Bless you, and Help you out with this problem.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Prior to my diagnosis, I informed my coworkers that I could not tolerate any kind of strong perfume or sprays for freshening the air or killing pests. One once forgot and sprayed Lysol all over the place and I not only had an asthmatic reaction, it made me sick the rest of the day.

    I hate it when I encounter someone who has bathed himself or herself in cologne. I can actually taste it in my mouth and it makes me sick.

    I would like to go up to them and tell them that they probably can no longer smell how strong their cologne is but that it is strong enough to make others sick. I've never done it because I don't need that kind of stress and because it would probably only offend them and make them even more determined to exercise their right to smell to high heaven.

    Love, Mikie
  7. RhainyC

    RhainyC New Member

    anything!!! I am furious! So much for being nice and asking her not to wear it again, when I am working. I may have to wait and see if I have another reaction and then, right then and there, when I am sick, pull the manager aside and say *I am sick again from a perfume* and ask if we can consider a *Scent Free* policy in our workplace.

    I am furious she would deny that she used anything. Why would someone do that? I just don't get it....GRRRR!

    Blessing and Thanks to All,

  8. monicacat

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    Copy my post which I just made, Organizations which support a scent-free environment and take it to work with you. You are not alone.