My first visit to FFC Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dancingstar, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    Thought I'd let you guys know what happened at my unexpected vist to FFC Torrance (Los Angeles) today:

    Well, I was reading a few posts here this morning, getting ready to begin working, when I got a surprise call from Dr. Holtorf's office, asking if I could move my January twenty-something appointment up to today at 1:30, which worked perfectly for me, especially since I have almost met my $2500 deductible for this year, not that much of the visit will be covered, I'm quite sure.

    Fortunately, I had already filled out all the paperwork last week, when they mailed it to me; so I was ready to go. Well, I've got to say, I found Dr. Holtorf and the staff to be extremely gracious, helpful, and informative.

    Dr. Holtorf spent a lot of time with me, listened carefully to everything, and explained everything to me in great detail. He quickly understood that I would be happiest and most likely feel most safe not taking drugs or pharmaceuticals that haven't been on the market for an extended period of time and would prefer natural alternatives when at all possible.

    So -- get this -- they took 30 vials of blood, and I need to have five more taken when I have an empty stomach! Then I go back in a month to discuss the results, but I'm probably going to have to do that visit with the physician's assistant because that is a little less expensive, and this trip cost me around $750 before bloodwork. Dr. Holtorf checks in on the visit anyway, and it is about half of the cost.

    Anyway, they sent me home with three things for energy, a couple of things for pain control, and before I knew how much my bill was going to be, I also said I would like the stuff that keeps your skin looking nice and wrinkle free. I also had a lovely shot that has B-12, glutathione, and AMP.

    He told me to continue on with the things that I'm doing in the meantime but changed one of my meds to something that he felt would be more effective and healthier for me than what I'm currently taking. They are supposed to be sending me another one via mail or something because it needs to be compounded.

    Whatever is in these supplements, I do have more energy, and my pain seems to have chilled out. (The pain has been doing better since I cut the Splenda, and the energy has been doing better since I added the ribose and Ultra Inflamex; so this addition really seems to have helped.)

    Though I was not expecting the cost to be this high, it will be worth it if I feel better. What I liked right away is that they made me feel so comfortable. I've been going to my internist for a long time and feel a great deal of loyalty to him. It was very nice, though, to go someone that specializes in the kind of problems that we've got. It was like he had seen it all and understood completely. He was so very gentle. It made me feel very safe, which is difficult to do these days.

    All in all, though it was definitely way expensive, I give FFC Torrance two thumbs up so far.

    I know that other people have been there as well and would love to know how you're doing now that it's been a while.
    30 - 35 viles of blood???? OMG!
  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Good going the blood you give is amazing but they will get to the bopttom of things! Remember you will feel worse before you feel better and it will take awhile! Good Luck and keep posting! Lynn
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I live in So. Calif. and have considered going to them. Please, please keep me informed as to the entire process.

    There are days when I feel like I'm so lost. I can't find a doctor who knows how to treat me even though my family keeps insisting that there must be.......I keep telling them that doctors really don't understand FM/CFS and I've given up.

    I struggle along the best I can because from reading all these posts......I don't think there is a solution.
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    It will be interesting to know what they say about the blood work, your diagnoses.
    I called the 1-800 number just tonight and talked to a very nice lady. I'm in MN, closest clinic is Michigan. I'm going to check with my insurance to see what they will cover. I don't know if i can afford it, but i would sure like to give it a try!!!

    Good luck Dancingstar,
  5. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    I'm so happy that you were so comfortable and are seeing some small results already! Yes, it is very expensive, but I think it's going to be so worth it in the long run for anyone who can try these FFC centers and stick with the protocol.

    I have heard only great things from everyone who has stuck with the specifics of the treatment program. One of the things I appreciate the most is that my opinion is requested, listened to & valued. That hasn't happened w/ any of my doctors in a very long time for me!

    Anyway, got to go for now, homework, ugh! I had my 2nd visit at the Dallas FFC on 11/03, but have been pooped out(a good pooped though!).

    Will try to post the details of my bloodwork and all tomorrow!

  6. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    Thank you, everyone, for your input! I really appreciate reading what you have to say.


    They realy do specialize in treating FM/CFS. If you are looking for doctors that do this kind of work, well, I guess this would be as good a place as any.

    I can't wait to get the results from the bloodwork. Should be interesting. Funny part was that they got me on a relatively good day all things considered...and still, my temperature was only 97.7.

    I don't know about anyone else, but for me it's like having the flu permanently. It would be lovely if it would finally go away.
  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    It sounds very interesting. Believe it or not, my own doctor is on the same floor with Dr. Holtorf. Each time I pass his office I consider making an appointment, however I have been so much better with my current program, that is why I did not.

    I wish you the best and hope you continue to feel better.
  8. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    Okay, so I kept waking up last night because I wasn't hurting. I know that doesn't make sense, but I'm really used to hurting, and I just didn't hurt at all last night except in the place I got the shot yesterday. It was such a trip to me that I kept waking up to see if the pain had come back yet.

    Then, this morning I popped out of bed, happy, at 6:00 when the radio turned on. I know it must psychological; right? I'm still not really in any pain except a tiny bit in my fingers, no deep aches, no heaviness.

    Could it be the supplements that FFC gave me added to what I've already been doing, or is this a bad joke that my body is playing on me? I haven't felt like this in -- in -- honestly, in years. Normal. OMG, this is what it felt like, I remember.

    PV Lady,

    I understand what you are talking about. I was reluctant to go to Dr. Holtorf because I adore my own doctor, and he's all the way in the San Fernando Valley, not down the hall!! I would have a problem wandering in there myself if I were you.'s what I think: especially if you are doing so much better, really, your chances of getting a good result are especially high.

    If you ever decide to check it out, I think you'll find that their supplements are designed to target our issues. They may kick the problem right on out of your system. I would not have said this yesterday. This morning, I'm thinking a little differently. :)

    No doctor would fault us for wanting to feel better.

  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    what type of supplements are you taking now? Is this the real secret to getting well......the supplements?

    You're probably filled with energy because of the Bl2 shot. I've heard it does wonders.
  10. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    What they gave me are combinations of things. It's three separate things for energy and one for pain, but they are all kinds of combinations of things. One is being sent to me by the pharmacy, and I'm not sure what it is.

    True, the shot could have helped a lot, but I've had regular B-12 lots at my internist's office. This added mixture with the glutathione and the AMP could have made the difference. Regular B-12 is okay, but I don't notice a huge difference. The shot and the three separate energy supplements may have made a difference.

    I think I'm more freaked out that I'm not in pain in the morning and that I'm cheerful, like I used to be. I've got my Tuesday morning workout at the S Factor, and for the first time I know it will be more fun than painful, from the beginning of the class, not 20 minutes into it.

    Oh, I hope this lasts more than a day.
  11. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I don't believe the supplements alone are working to make me better. I think it is the comprehensive testing to find the underlying causes of your illness and then the right combination of supplements, prescriptions and diet and excersise for your individual issues.

    Each person is a puzzle with a different set of problems. The supplements boost your immune system and help with issues you may have. I don't think you can take a few supplements and get better.

    Just my opinion but I have been following the treatment plan since April and firmly believe it s the combination. I felt much worse before I got better. It was only when I started treating the bacterial infection mycoplasma and the viral infection EBV that I had dramatic results. Each person is different.

    Take Care and Good Luck! Lynn
  12. sami

    sami New Member

    i just posted a message and asked you, dancingstar,to elaborate on your visit withffc, and then i found this!!!thank you thank you...please keep us informed..i sound like you did as far as the flu etc.this is micchall at ,y'know coxdotnet, if you would like to email...thanks again....m .
  13. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    I got some questions about my first visit to FFC LA; so I'm bumping this.

    One of the things that I didn't address yesterday is that I know that we haven't gotten to the part yet where we deal with what is causing my symptoms. My appointment to discuss the bloodwork is next month.

    They say it takes three weeks to get the blood work back, and I need to replenish my bank I made my appointment for the middle of December. I imagine that is when the really hard part starts.

    Oh, yes, one other thing: Dr. Holtorf wanted to do trigger point therapy, where they inject something into the points that are causing the pain. He is pretty certain that this will knock out the pain (in my case) for a good month or two. We decided that it would be best not to do it at the first appointment, though, because it would throw off my adrenal results when I go to have my fasting bloodwork done.

    I may try to go back to have this done as soon as I have this blood drawn...when I go to the lab on an empty stomach before taking my thyroid...maybe tomorrow???

    So I'm still at the point where they are trying to knock back the pain and fatigue, and we are on the right track cause it is working.

    Please also know when reading this that I have already given up artificial sweeteners, mostly all sugar, eat a relatively low glycemic diet besides some rice, and take more supplements than Carter has liver pills. I do exercise, take Armour thyroid, and I'm already partway along the path going into the program.

    I don't know exactly what will be recommended for each individual as I am positive that each program is very individualized. I think that Dr. Holtorf and his team are definitely on to something that very, very few doctors are doing right now partly because of the time and expense it takes to figure out what is going on with each person and partly because they are working with ideas that are truly the next generation in health care.

    What they are doing makes absolutely perfect sense to me in the way that saying that the world is round and not flat makes sense to me. The more that I read, the more that I understand and am confident that the rest of medicine will catch up with these people sometime in the next 20 years.

    By then all of us will be healthy and happy...even if we're old. :)

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