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    This is a story about my friend Minnie. Minnie was a lady who went to my church. She was a petite woman in her nineties. The one thing you noticed about her right off, was that for a woman of her age, her hazel eyes where so clear and alive with laughter and the love of God. Everyone knew and respected Minnie; we even called her the “Mother” of the Church. Maybe that’s why we all pretended not to notice when she would get excited about something the pastor said, and she would jerk her head and displace her gray wig so that it set all lopsided on her head.
    I’m still to this day not sure how it came to be that she and I became such fast friends. I seem to recall offering to taxi her around once a week so she could pick up her groceries. Well, I think I volunteered anyway, but maybe she just made me think I volunteered.
    Regardless of how it happened, I would get off from working my midnight shift and go and pick her up. Off we would go on some adventure, and believe me, anything you did with Minnie turned out to be and adventure. Our trip to the store for groceries swiftly turned into a trip to the store, the card shop, and a stop at the salon so she could drop of one of her now infamous wigs to be “freshened up a bit.” We always ended our “errands” by stopping at a small ice cream and donut shop run by a couple from our church. There we would sit, licking our cones and I would get to hear about Minnie’s childhood. Sometimes she would talk about the first refrigerator that her family owned or some other "new fangled" invention that came to be, that we now take for granted. Her favorite subjects however were her father-who had been a very devoted Christian, and Jesus.
    Now I don’t know if you have ever met anyone that seems so innocent that you couldn’t imagine them ever doing anything really bad, but that’s the way I thought of Minnie. But to hear her talk she was like the Apostle Paul who said that he was the Chief of all sinners. I guess it took me awhile to work up the courage, but one-day I did. We were sitting there licking our cones and I just blurted out “Minnie, what is the worst thing you’ve ever done.” I immediately regretted asking the question, when those lovely hazel eyes began to fill with tears. I couldn’t imagine what she had done that would cause her such grief. “Well” she said, When I was a little girl, we didn’t get to eat much meat except on Sundays, my mamma would always fix fried chicken on Sundays. One Sunday, mamma and daddy invited the preacher home after church to eat with us. It was our custom that the adults ate first and we children waited. I was so hungry and I kept peeking around the door into the dining room where they were eating. Every time I’d look, there was that preacher taking another helping of chicken. Finally, I couldn’t take it no longer and I hollered ‘ Hey preacher save me a piece of that chicken will ya’?” And with that Minnie burst into tears.
    That’s it, I thought to myself, That’s the worst thing you have ever done? I was in total shock and disbelief.
    Well, Minnie’s gone on to be with Jesus now some 13 years. Her pacemaker just gave out one day but before she died I went to visit her. As I sat next to her frail body lying there in her bed she asked me if I remembered the story about the preacher and the chicken. I said “yes Minnie I remember” and then she said. “ I want you to know that when I told you that story I knew you were thinking that what I did was not such a bad thing, and that what you have done is far worse than that.” But I want to tell you that you can’t compare yourself to others that way. We have all sinned and God didn’t find it any harder to forgive your sin than he did mine.”
    With that Minnie asked me to go into the kitchen on my way out and pick up the rectangular Tupperware container she’d placed on the counter for me. “ I want you to have it,” she said. Well I never saw Minnie again after that day, but sometimes if I close my eyes and picture her, I can see her up in heaven singing praises with the angels and her wig is set just a little lopsided on her head.
    As for the Tupperware container, it sits in my cupboard still today, but the note that was in it is tucked safely away. On it she had written “ Daughter, everyone has a testimony, for some that testimony is how Jesus saved them from out of the world of sin, for others it will be about how God kept them from ever getting that far.” It doesn’t matter which type of testimony you have, just that you have one and you are not ashamed to tell it. With all my love, Minnie

    I think the moral of the story is that whether we come from a Big Mud puddle, or a little mud puddle...God's grace is sufficient for all.

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    Thank you fro sharing this wonderful story! Praise the Lord, He never keeps track of what size puddle He snatches us from! This was a great first post to read in the morning, thanks again Takesha! love, Rebel