My friend needs Prayers !!!

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    Everyone - Some of you might have heard this from the Porch but I figured that you all or most of you could help with some BIG prayers for my friend who lives far away in NY. I live in TX.

    She is one of my Nursing classmates from 1961 (graduating). To make a long story a little shorter. She was diagnosed some time ago with Uterine cancer. The cancer is a sarcoma, very aggressive. She did have surgery awhile ago but the "doc" told her that she did not need any more treatment after that, no chemo. Well, when she went back it had come back. She then had some chemo for a month and it doubled. She then (FINALLY) fired her "doc" and she and her DD were opersuing a second opinion. They are now waiting for her to be accepted into a program at Sloan Kettering - possibly in NYC. That doctor gets me so MAD !!!

    Please pray that she gets accepted and that they can do something for her. It is very upsetting. I spent part of the day yesterday sending e-mails and letting out classmates know of her condition and its worsening.

    That is the story so please pray if you could for Joan's healing and her acceptance to the program.

    God bless you all,

  2. Granniluvsu

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    Just wanted to mention that Joan is also a Christian and would be so happy knowing that others care and are praying for her recovery.

    Again, thanks so much to all your prayer warriors, no matter what your faith !


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    Granni - lifting up prayers for your friend - for treatment, wise decisions by Dr.'s, strength for her family. For the program at Sloan Kettering. For God to work in every detail in her life, in all the needs of her illness, large and small. For His love to bring help and comfort to her.

    Asking in Jesus' Name.

    Let us know how things go, Granni.

    Blessings, Judy
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    Julie. Elliespad, Judy, and Jam for all your prayers and wonderful thoughts . You are all so great !

    Just keep them coming and I will be sure to let you know how things have turned out.

    God bless,

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    Your friend and her family and you are all in my prayers. She is lucky to have you for a friend.

    Love you

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    I'm lifting Joan up in prayer. Never give up!! So sorry she has to go throgh this.

  7. Prayers will be said. Know this.

    Granni- my mother was a nurse, also,- Her name- Joan. The summer before my senior year, as I was 17, my mother , 47- had endometrial cancer. It was HORRIFYING. She had myself, age 17, my sister, age 19, and, our two stepsisters... same ages. 17 & 19 yrs old... so, two of us going into our senior years.

    She would NOT allow us, to come to the hospital... that's just my mother's way- but, I was HORRIFIED, as, until the actual hysterectomy- we had NO idea how mild or *severe* it might be. My mother spent her 47th birthday alone, in a cancer ward.

    Her "primary" doctor- is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE man... it is an opinion shared very much in our community, and yet, somehow is also "respected" (WHO!??) by *some* in the community.... he is a disrespectful, *bitter*, hateful, & vulgar man.

    When she TOLD this doctor, that it had been confirmed (he blew her off! and his own WIFE is a nurse, at the hospital- mom (and I) worked in nursing homes.... guess we're 'lower class'... she told him "I HAVE CANCER"---- i cannot type on *this* board, what that man's reply to her was.

    I am glad to say, though, that with mom being a nurse, she says she KNEW she had cancer... (she also bled, I guess, continually for 3 mos, prior), but, she was blessed with a very, VERY, kind, compassionate gynecologist, who *literally* held her hand, and said "we're gonna get this".

    I'm so thankful, she was fine with 'just' a full hysterectomy- no chemo, no radiation.

    So, Joan, who shares my mothers name, and same job, you will be in our prayers.

    (My granny was a nurse too! :) 40 yrs or so, even throughout her life full of illness, and physical abuse at the hands of my grandfather, and left to raise 5 WILD kids, as he was always gone, working for the railroad- and then gambling.)

    After mom's hysterectomy, she was never the same, though... she could not continue as a nurse, and struggled with other low-paying jobs for a few years, but, she now has fibromyalgia, diabetes, diverticulosis, and other illness... she was dx'd with the fibro, very shortly after her hysterectomy.

    God bless you both- I took care of a woman, whose family was PRECIOUS, and treated us CNA's and nurses wonderfully....

    They had an angel hanging above her bed that said "nurses are angels in disguise"

    Hope that gives you both a smile.

    With LOVE,


    P.S. - mom turns 61 this coming June, - that will be 14 years cancer free. Amen.

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    Prayers for sure. My mother had uterine cancer. Had surgery to remove the uteris, and that was that. Thankfully.
    She ended up leaving us because of diabetes.
    I'm so sorry that your friend had to go through all of that, and now more.
    No name, so will pray for "Granni's" friend.
    God Bless you both, love, Cynthia
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    Wonderful people for your thoughts and prayers for Joan. Sorry this is so late in getting back to you all. I have been so busy and not able to get on the computer much lately.

    Kbak and Mickey - thank you so much for your prayers for my friend Joan. They are very much appreciated.

    Cynthia- So sorry your MOM had Uterine Cancer cancdr but am glad that part at least turned out well for your mom.

    My friend really cannot have her uterus removed due to the placaement of the cancer. It is in the muscles and tissues around the uterus I believe. We all wish it were that easy for her.

    However, I am very sorry she has is no longer with you. I do miss my mom alot even though she did not live close to me for many years. We were still very close.

    Laura - Sorry to hear also about all the problems with your mom but glad she did survive the Cancer. How hard it must have been for your sister and family to deal with her cancer. Glad that she survived that but had other problems afterwards. That must have been so hard on your family but it sounds like your mom was very brave and unselfish didn't want you to see her so ill. Although it might have been a good thing for you all in some ways.

    How nice of you to say such lovely things abaout nurses. I think you are very right in your assessment of them and your very caring family too.

    Thank you also for your thoughts and prayers.

    You are all a true blessing. Now we wait to hear if she gets into Sloan Kettering. I sure do hope so as time is awasting as they say. She needs help soon.



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    Tiggy - Thanks a lot for your prayers. She and I really appreciate what you and everyone has been doing for her, in the way of prayers.

    It is so sad and we may find out today when we to our churches St. Pat's party tonight about our pastor who has been fighting lung cancer. He had a PET scan a few days ago to see if anything has changed or not. He was supposed to get the prognosis yesterday. Everyone is holding their breath. He is such a wonderful person and Priest. He is in his late 60's. Unfortunatly he smoked and continues to do so, maybe a bit less. It is so hard for anyoe who has smked alll their lives (practically ) to stop, even if their lives depended on it.

    However, the damage was done so don't know if that would make any difference anyway. He has lost at least 70 lbs. Poor guy looks awful and now wears a back brace since it had spread to the spine, for stabalization.

    Prayers for him would also be appreciated. I didn't think to make a separate thread for him but I don't know if I should bother now. I am still praying for him anyway and I am sure there are many from our parish that are also doing so.