my friend sent me this poem...want to share it with all...

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    Hello my fibrofriends.....I was having a BLAH day until I read this little poem a friend sent me...IT IS NOT HER ORIGINAL and the AUTHOR's name and organization is noted at the END of the POEM.....I hope you all like made my day. I think the person who wrote it really meant to make someone happy, it worked for me.

    Sow a word of praise today,
    Plant a kindness -seed;
    Listen to a troubled friend,
    Help someone in need.
    Compliment a weary soul
    Too fatigued to try;
    Shine forth rays of hope on all,
    Comfort those who cry.
    Scatter deeds of love each day,
    Plant each row with care;
    Sprinkle joy along your way,
    Soak each one in prayer.
    Ask the Lord to bless each one,
    And one day you'll reap
    A harvestful of loving friends
    To cherish and to keep.

    (Connie Hinnen/Salesian Missions)
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    Thank you for sharing it. I'm in a miserable flare and it lifted my spirits.

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    Thank you fibrofirend44:

    That was a very nice poem. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.