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    My friend is someone who:
    Knows all my deepest darkest secrets and still likes me anyway
    Can make me smile with just a smile and a kind word
    Will sit and listen to me yell and scream when I am angry
    Bring me up when I am feeling my world is coming to an end
    Give me hope to go on when I have given up on everything
    Dry the tears I cry and tells me tomorrow will be a better day
    Stands in front of me to defend me from those who would try to harm me
    Walks beside and points out the little things I would otherwise miss
    Stands behind me when I need the strength to carry on
    Reaches out to catch me should I start to fall
    Holds out a hand to help me up should I fall
    Hugs me tight and lets me know everything will be alright
    Holds me tight when I feel scared and alone
    Is always there for me no matter the circumstance
    Is never too busy or too far away to be close to me
    My love for you is the purest love you will ever know or have
    I love you unconditionally, no strings attached
    I don’t care about deeds you have done in you past life
    I only care about the present and the future that is yet to come.
    I will always be there for you no matter what the circumstance may be
    I will keep a watchful eye over you and protect you the best I can.
    I will keep what ever evil that tries to come at you at bay.
    When all is said and done, and everything seems to be weighing heavy on you.
    You can turn and you will see me standing there a “pillar of strength” that is strong
    I can tell you the words “I love you” and truly mean them.
    For you are the one whom I have the privilege to call “MY FRIEND”

    Kimmi d. feb 2005
  2. JuliannaG

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    to whom all the above applies.

    It is rare in life today to find a friend like this.
  3. Bruin63

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    I just wish I could say that other than my Dh, I had Friends like that.
    I did at one time, but she died, 8 years ago, this past July.
    I have a photo of her & my DH, that I keep on my Bulliten bd, by my computer.
    He's wiping Grease from his hands, and talking to her, it's a great Candid of them, one that I will always treasure. She will be Smiling, forever, for me, thanks to that Photo.

    Having these Syndromes and other conditions, does make it hard to keep Friendships these day's.
    Friendship is built on trust, and that is hard to find these day's.

    Would you mind if I made a copy of this to lay on her Resting place this week?
    I know you copywrite these so, I would need your permission to do that. ;o)

    Thanks again for your Beautful writtings.

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