My Fybromyalgia was fixed with Dr. Sarno

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    Hi All,

    I have never posted before but I have been meaning to for the last year. I was diag. with fybro. in Sept 2001. I read Dr. Sarnos book in Oct. of 2001 and 6 months later I have absolutely no constant pain. Occassionally I get a 2 minute ouch on my shoulder or somewhere but it is never bad and goes away as quickly as it came. I had lots oh sypmtoms -- pain, dizziness, unable to sleap, restless leg, dry mouth and then IBS. After I got rid of the fybro I got IBS as a substitute -- that one has taken me a bit longer to get rid of because I was always afraid it was something worse (crones disease) but now that I know it is not it is getting a ton better& almost gone. The key is not being afraid and really focussing on the positive things and to try to not get caught up in the pain, etc. just ignore it and recognize that it is there to distract you and keep you focussed on the pain (easier than maybe other things in your life--sounds crazy but true). Anyways I feel 100% better . I hope others will also feel better after they read his book -- just be patient -- he says you'll feel better in 2-6 weeks -- thats way off but if you keep at it you will feel better. Good luck!