My Gosh, What a "SPELL"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. greatgran

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    Just have to vent about what kind of "spell" I had today.

    After having about 2 bad weeks, yesterday was like heaven. I felt so called "normal" I couldn't believe how much better I felt. Had a great day with the greatgrans but did not over do at all.

    So this morning my husband's project was to clean the garage, well straighten it up some. I thought I would help, no physical labor, just sorting and re-arranging.
    I was still feeling ok.

    Then my legs started to ache, my heart skipping beats, so that told me to stop, which I did. Meanwhile my husband had gone to Bojangles and got us a ham biscuit , which I ate . Afterwards I am not sure what happened.

    I can't explain how I felt, lightheaded, nausated,
    weird head feeling, then going to the bathroom, bowel and bladder, about 6 times, no diarrhea then weakness, and I just started crying, almost like an anxiety/panic attacks.

    We ate the same thing so it wasn't the food.

    This lasted about 3 hours then I slowly started feeling somewhat better, except for the fear of what happened and fatigue.

    I am so confused with this illness . The doc says fibro but I do not experience pain like most of you speak of. I do have aches, like to the bone and fatigue. Its all the other symptoms I have that keeps me so upset, the not knowing and my doc doesn't have a clue.

    Does this sound like it could be MCS , can you have an MCS attack lasting only hours.

    Needed to vent thanks,

  2. Pansygirl

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    Hugs for you greatgran.

    I'm still new to all this~ what does MCS stand for?

    I look forward to the days when I feel better but I wish I would have a clue when those would be . It's okay to cry and I'm glad you let us know how you were doing~ I'm good at listening.

    With my FM ~ My pain varies from day to day, it's not always the same type of pain but I feel my pain in the muscles. My fatigue goes hand in hand with my pain, more pain then more fatigue.

    Very gentle hugs for you greatgran , Susan
  3. marti_zavala

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    Yes, it could be MCS or more likely, a reaction to the chemicals in the food you ate. Like, nitrates and nitrites in the ham, possibly MSG or preservatives in the liquid they inject into ham. if it was smoked ham, there are more chemicals.

    Less likely, something in the bisquit - aluminim in the baking powder. Could have been a reaction to gluten although that is usually gut issues.

    Could have been the butter on the bisquit. Or the partially hydrogenated oils used to cook the ham or to provide the shortening for the bisquit.

    Yep, could have been a combination.

    Next time you feel good, try that again. Then you can narrow down what was the trigger.

    And yes, emotional lability (sp?) is a common problem with food/chemical sensitivites.

    just my thoughts,
  4. greatgran

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    Pansygirl, MCS stands for Mulitple Chemical Senatatives, sometimes ths goes with CFS and FM, if that is what I have, I doubt so often because I don't seem to have pain. Thanks for your well wishes.

    Marti, every Saturday we treat ourselves to a country ham biscuit as many times as I have had eaten one, have never had anything like this to happen.

    The past two weeks when I felt so horrible was more of a sinus/allergy thing , I think. Heck, never know what is going on.

    I do remember having a "spell" something like this after being in wal-mart early one morning.

    Thanks to each of you for your replies.

    God Bless,

  5. greatgran

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    How long did your "spell" last and what did you do? Come to think of it I had a small glass of grape juice with my biscuit.

    Needless to say my day has been spent in bed, just couldn't stay awake , the "spell" left me total exhausted.

    God Bless,
  6. elliespad

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    Were the triscuits Rosemary and Olive Oil by chance? They contain MSG!!!! The nerve. I reacted strongly to them as you did. Don't know if any of their other newer flavors contain MSG. I know original doesn't. Just a thought.