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    im not a good judge of supplements because im hit or miss. not in tune with my body. well i took all my supps and put on shelf with pain meds all day id pop 2 grapeseed 50m with reseratrol from walmart. took between 6 and 8 aday im overweight so thought more is better.

    i have had swollen feet and legs for 6yrs when id press on shin bone it would indent deeply.then my daughter brought me a pair of sandalsfrom kohls wide width. i started looking at my legs and ankles and they loo ked slimmer so i did my water test. no indent no water. i was amazed they still hurt but at least they arent lumpy and swollen.

    myDH said I was gonna mention that your legs looked slimmer but I thought youd get mad lol. needless to say he went toWM and got me 2 more bottles. love gaiil
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    thats good news! i *think* that edema is an issue that grapeseed has been studied and found to help.

    did you start taking other supps too? or just grapeseed? if you did start taking others please tell us which ones.

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    Thank you for posting about your experience. Ive been doing a lot of reading and I think Im about to purchase my 1st bottle of GSE. I hope you continue to have good results!

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    yes i also started manesium and calcium and zinc combo by nature made.