My hair keeps getting thinner and thinner...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shan1078, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member


    I have FM and was tested for any type of thyroid disorder, and the results came back negative.

    I used to have really thick hair, that grew at a decent rate. Since the FM started, (about a year ago). My hair has been coming out. No, I don't have any bald spots or anything, but usually after I shower, I'll have atleast a handful of hair come out!!

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Any solutions or ideas?
  2. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

  3. gr8tnurse

    gr8tnurse New Member

    I do and I hope someone has some ideas on how to stop it or at least slow it down.

  4. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    Feeling kinda lonley today, so thank you for a response. I think it perked me up a bit.

    Husband is working 12 hr days, and it's winter, so, I tend to get loney. Anyhow, Thankyou
  5. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    Glad you lake my "baby", she helps with the lonliness.

    Thank you msmoody, you always seem to be there with an "open ear"

    Carebear, this is so weird, I'm from Monroe, LA and have lived here about 6 years. And your babies are Beautiful!!

    Glad I'm not the only one. Do you take a prescription thyroid or is it some kind of supplement? Neat to know we're so close in age!
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  6. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    Ya i have the same prob, my dh is always pulling my hair off his clothes and saying here have your hair babck,lol,and my hair has always bben fine but now? fine isent even the word for it, i would ask my dr about it but iam sure i would be told its all in my head,take care and know taht at least you are not alone,marieann
  7. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    Hmm, what is THE SHAKE, whatever it is I'll try it. Is it available in the Store above?

    There is a shampoo I use that makes my hair look thick even though it's not. You can buy it in places like "Regis Salon " in the mall. But, not at Walgreens, or anywhere like that. The name is Nioxin, scalp therapy. It feels like you've just washed your hair with Noxema.

    But, any other info. helps
  8. cbella

    cbella New Member

    I am so sorry to hear about your hair. I have the exact same problem. I'm 55 and was diagnosed a year ago but had it for about a year before that. I had a thyroid test done recently and that was negative. Had Lupus test done on Monday, that was negative too. Until I read your thread, I was beginning to think it was my heart pill, Verapamil. Now I think it must be this lovely disease. My hair comes out in big bunches in the shower, also, and fortunately, I also have thick hair. My hairdresser wants to sell me this hair treatment for balding, but it's real expensive and I think if it's because of a health problem, it probably wouldn't work anyway. I guess we have to live with it...............cheers! cbella
  9. zena01

    zena01 New Member

    Me too!! Unfortunately, I have thin hair!!! Luckily mine doesn't come out in handfuls, It's so thin I'd be bald by now! But it is coming out -- I have to comb it or curl it a certain way to cover a thinning spot on the top back part of my head.

    I just noticed the other day -- I think I'm also getting a receding hairline too!! OH NO!!!

    I am glad I'm not alone in this, although I really don't wish it on others...........

  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Mine is thinning, too, and mine has always been fine and thin to begin with!

    My rheumy told me it was because of my lupus.

  11. leomonkey

    leomonkey Member

    My hair was thining as well. Also the outer 1/3 of my eyebrows was disappearing.

    It seemed regulating my thyroid helped... as well as improving overall health. I should tell you that my thyroid test was "normal" too. I used body temperature testing to identify it as a problem. That along with having a family history with thyroid, prompted my GP to put my on a trial of T3. I have been on a low dose for several years. It also helped considerably with brain fog.

    Sometimes, eastern medicine can provide insight into the cause of symptoms. My acupuncturist was very informative.

  12. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    My friend was losing her hair and discovered it was due to anemia. As it turned out, she had three ulcers and had been slowing losing blood over a year.

    Once she started treatment, her hair stopped falling out. I don't know if you have had a recent physical, but you might want to ask your doctor to check you out.

    I know you may not have ulcers, but it may be something medical...
  13. cbella

    cbella New Member

    bumpity bump
  14. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I've been having thinning hair since 1993, and really no real answers have come at all. I saw a dermatologist back then and they did a hair analysis and that was negative for a problem.

    I have thought it was stress as it seems more that my hair isn't growing instead of it coming out so much. I take vitamins and eat a balanced meal.

    My hair stylist friend says the hair loss is due to menopause.
  15. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

    Interesting you should post this because I was looking at old pictures of me - 5 years before I got sick (been sick for a little over 5 years now with CFS and more), and my hair looked awesome. Even my husband thought it looked really good.

    I think just being sick affects every part of our body, including our hair. My hair is much thinner and I get clumpfuls of hair after washing it too, along with finding hair all over my bathroom after blowdrying it. It is dull and frizzy (thank goodness I can put antifriz in it and it seems to work pretty good).

    I'm sorry I don't have any solutions. I wish I had the miracle cure. But, you are not alone!

  16. schmoopy

    schmoopy New Member


    I just joined this website. I have FM. I periodically have trouble with hair falling out-sometimes due to stress, other times, who knows why? I discovered that MSM works really well to stop it. I obtained some MSM pills at Trader Joe's and they seemed to stop it in a couple of days. It also comes in an "Emergen-C" formula.
  17. cbella

    cbella New Member

    I just got on after being on a minivacation visiting the grandsons and family in Maine. Thanks for the advice...I use to take MSM a long time ago for tmj... I'll have to try it again...maybe it will help with the pain too.....:)cb
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