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    I have been experiencing TERRIBLE pain in my hands today. It's mostly my left hand at the base of my thumb. I took a Mobic tonight but it hasn't helped. I know typing all day doesn't help it either, but that's what I do on my job. I called my rheumy today and have an appt. for Friday afternoon. She's wonderful and I know she'll tell me what to do. I have the braces to wear, but I think that's more for carpal tunnel than arthritis. The pain is making me nauseous!!!! Let's see, so far this year I've been to physical therapy for pain in my neck and back, I've been to the Hand Center for the pain in my hands, and my thyroid is low again. Oh, and I had a hysterectomy in November. I know things can be worse, but this pain does cut into your quality-of-life. And not to mention that this morning I felt like falling asleep as I was driving into work. But believe me, I'm not complaining. As I said, things could be worse. The pain just likes to creep into every corner of your body. It will creep into places you didn't know you had! Whoever thinks about places like the base of your thumb? Or the top of your second toe? Boy, am I in tune with my body!!!! I think tomorrow when I come home from work I'm going to plop myself into a hot bath - that always relaxes me and makes me feel somewhat better, at least for a little while. Oy vey!!!!

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    Aren't we lucky????

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    I do the same kind of work and I have the same pain in my hands. I have carpal tunnel, but I really don't believe the hand/thumb pain I have is from that; I have NO numbness or tingling, just excruciating pain. Anti-inflam meds did NOTHING for mine.

    One thing I have found that does help, though it is very temporary, is a paraffin spa. I keep mine on the kitchen counter and use it every evening after work. They really are not that expensive; you can get them anywhere these days, I got mine at Walmart or Target. It came with 3 lbs. of paraffin, but I bought 2 extra lbs. since it really takes 4 lbs. to reach the *fill* line. I bought aromatherapy paraffin for mine. The deep heat really helps me, it may be worth giving a try.

    I also figured out a way to put my elbows in it. I just had prolotherapy on them last week for the first time, and after the initial first couple of days, I was feeling better, but unfortunately, now they are hurting as much as they did before the treatment. However I know this particular treatment is cummulative and am scheduled for another session on the 26th.

    My point (after all this rambling) is, the paraffin spa WILL give you some relief and I guess if you use your imagination you can figure out how many aching body parts you can get into it.

    BTW, my hand pain is a major reason I haven't been responding to a lot of posts - I'm *saving* my hands for my job! LOL

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    I know how you feel. I have had these problems since 1990. I have been told that mine are related to thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). Please ask your doctor what he thinks or read up on the web. My hands fall asleep while driving, while typing. I have lost strengh and muscle in my hands and arms. TOS is caused by pinched nerves/veins in the clavical area. With me, it has affected my head (headaches), shoulders (can't lift my arms up), arms and hands (pain and cold sensations). My hands and arms are always asleep when I wake up in the morning. It is kind of looked at like FM as they are both chronic pain type syndromes. I actually had surgery in 1991 for this, but it has recurred dating back to 1994. It hurts if it is ignored too long. I carried groceries in the other night and spent the next day in bed all day, not being able to cope with the pain. Please have it checked out. Best wishes.

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    Hi, Annette:

    I have been having problems with my hands, too, for some time. The pain is definitely getting worse, and like you, I do a fair amount of typing at my job. At my last FM support group meeting, we all were given a magazine that has products to help make things easier-like a spongy tube that goes over a pen or pencil to make writing easier. I can give you the address of the company if you like. I have ordered a few things and they help like elastic shoe strings so you don't have to tie and untie tennis shoes-you can just slip your shoes on and off.

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    I too have chronic hand (and foot) pain. The things that help the most -- besides limiting computer use! lol -- are hot wax spas and hot water soaks. I can imagine that those arthritis gloves that compress and stabilize your hands would help as well but I haven't tried them. That pain at the base of your thumbs is a killer, isn't it?