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  1. karen_dean

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    Do you ever get such red hot hands? It seems like a bad fever...around nail beds...knucles..and seems so strange...especially when i feel cold...does this happen to anyone? Thxs 4 listening..and your help.

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  2. brie

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    YOu know I have never had that happen to me but me daughter has,and in fact has had episodes involving her toes also.The Dr. did see this and said that it was to do with the blood vessels and she needed to see a Dr. of the blood. Well my daughter is anti Dr. and only goes when she is in real trouble (good time huh ) anyway she says they hot and they swell up .the episodes will last for hours sometimes , then they go down.
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    Her rehuemy told her it was part of FM.Just another problem to deal with.MY daughtet talks about how hot her feet get at night and how red.We have never gotten a real explanation.Thisnk I will ask reheumy when I go back in a couple of weeks.

    Good luck Karen
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    bumping for more response