My Harborview Chronic Fatigue visit yesterday

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    Well, I guess I won't know much till my next appointment which is in April. That's when they give you all the blood test results and a treatment plan with all the information they put together from my visit yesterday.

    They took 7 tubes of blood, so we'll see what comes of that. I also have been going through stomach pain, upper abdominal pain and pain in the back after eating so they wanted me to have that looked at ASAP, as she wasn't able to finish the physical since I was in so much pain in that area still, so it kind of muddled things up.

    But I do have fibro with 16 out of 18 tender points and she states I do not have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome just Chronic Fatigue. She told me that according to the AMA, if you have another fatigueing illness, like Hep C, Cancer, MS, etc....that excludes you from having CFS. So, I guess I need to redo my bio now. Fine, I hate the word "syndrome" anyway, ha.

    She gave me a referral for 10 accupuncture sessions and 3 months of physical therapy for myofascial release sessions. I hope that's massage, sounds like it. Also, stated that if my pain was better controlled, she felt a lot of my other symptoms would go away, so hopefully this will help along with pain meds.

    She also is going to schedule me for a sleep study. So, all in all, it was a good appointment. Took about 3 hours for the physicals, mental exam and bloodwork though, which was tiring.

    Also stuck paper in my eyes to see how fast I'd tear up to check for Sjorgen's (sp?) Tried to get out of it by telling her...yeah, I can tell you right now, I'll tear up pretty fast if you try to stick those sticks of paper in my eyes, but she didn't believe me....ouch.

    Oh yeah, one of the biggest things in their treatment plan is B-12 shots for both fibro and chronic fatigue. Couldn't stress enough about the B-12, I guess I haven't been giving myself enough of them, suppose to do them every week. But, I have to wait and see first for my whole treatment plan they'll give me in 8 weeks to check my levels. Now, another waiting period, but on the bright small step for man, one giant leap for mankind....