My head is swimming

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunnysideliving, May 7, 2003.

  1. sunnysideliving

    sunnysideliving New Member

    I have been feeling quite dizzy for 2 days.

    I had sting headache and mind fog + dizzyness.
    So, I took a pain killer (the usual I take).
    Headache and fog was reduced, but I still have this
    doggy feeling.

    Is there anything which could help it. I mean supplement
    or herbs.

    How do we explain this dizzyness. What is the reason
    of coming this.

    Sometimes, I am convinced that I have no idea how this
    DD works. I can not figure out anything I done or eat
    and may cause this feeling.

    Please, throw some light on it, because I feel it takes over MY head. I am a die-hard. ;)

  2. lorgirls

    lorgirls New Member

    I know the feeling except I get this in 2 ways. I recently discoverd that taking a muscle relaxer ( I take soma ) helps greatly with this. I think when this happens my eye muscles are spasming. I also get a similair feeling and when this happened I was passing out,all went black and down I went. I increased my Neurontin from 100mg 3x a day to 200mg 3x a day. Not sure why it work but havnt had the black outs since I increased it. Posibly was having some sort of a seizure.When I would regain consiousness I had trouble talking like a stroke. Strange feelings,I get headaches with these episodes also. Take care,,,,Lori