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    I am convinced I have fibro, and have had it some time, however, my longtime doctor and friend does not believe there is such an animal that can be medically diagnosed. He gives me meds to help with the pain, but that is about it. We have a new rheumatologist (sp)here for the first time. I am planning to call to see what my insurance might cover without a referral, and if all goes well I can't wait to see him. My question to the kind people on this board is: I am battling a weight gain that is ENDLESS. I can NOT lose weight. I just this weekend gave up yet another six weeks of effort on yet another program that has failed. (High protein)....Tell me - if you have this dreaded disease, does everyone experience this problem? No one can even believe that I only lost 2 pounds in six weeks and felt HORRIBLE trying to get there. Everyone thinks I'm lying, I'm cheating, but I did not. It just won't come off. Even my doctor said, well, I just don't know, that doesn't make sense. Now am I crazy.....or does this disease affect everyone that way? I need so badly to lose 30 pounds.....or at least 2 dress sizes. I think it would help my back so much, but it just WON'T come off. During the last six weeks I did not do a lot of exercise simply because I don't FEEL good enough to do exercise. If I do, it just kills my back and neck. Please tell it like it is ladies....and thanks for any input you may have!
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    My doctor is also a rheumatologist. She is just great. I went to her to ask about Dr. St. Paul Armand's protocol using the guai. She had heard of it and I've been on it several weeks. Hopeful it will work.

    Many people with fibro have complained on this site about weight gain. In my case, I'm about 15 pounds underweight. You might think that's' easy, but I've been trying for a year to put it back on. I do eat, so it has to be metabolism.

    Good luck.

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    Eventually you will find out what is causing the problem.

    Mine was when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and also being on Elavil.

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    I have the same problem. When I asked my rheumy if it was because of disease, she told me NO. However, I never used to have trouble losing it before I got sick. I can't exercise either. I will try on a day I have minimal pain and it feels good doing it, but I am crashed for the next few days and can barely walk. I am very overweight and need to lose at least 85 pounds.