my hearing and what happened with that

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    Just had my hearing on sept 10th. was very nervose and scared of getting ask questions because I tend to "rattle on" then forget what the actual question was in the first place. also just the unknowns of what was going to happen at a hearing.

    I started the morning with a headache which is an everyday thing now for me the hearing started with name, bd, ect then it moved to questions about dates of last work..I totaly lost it there..start studdering, proscastinating then the using my fingers to try to count back by year to figure it out.
    But, I simply could not remember the dates and blurted out if I had something to look at I could remember! My lawyer moved on to another question.

    The thing that suprised me is that my lawyer ask me all the questions and not the judge.

    The VE was on the telephone..who never said one thing other than say he was present and introduced himself.

    once all the questions was asked; my lawyer ask the judge if he had any question for me. the Judge said I do not and he looked at the phone and said " and I do not need to hear from the VE..(he called his name) then he just pushed the button on the phone to disconnect the phone call with the VE..the VE never got the chance to said one word or good bye.

    out side the fed building my lawyer said he felt really strong that we won based on the Judge not wanting the VE to testify. and that he has never had a case that went this way that didnt win.
    He also stated that I should hear something within 4 to 6 weeks.
    I can not stress how gratfull I am that the hearing part of this whole wait is over.

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    Sounds like you have it in the Bag!,,,,Goodluck!,,,My lawyer told me the same thing and it went through right away!,,,,,,,,S
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    I'm happy for you that your hearing is over. Now for the wait; I know how you are feeling. I just went through it and now, it's all over.

    At my hearing, my lawyer and the judge asked me questions. I was a nervous wreck and I'm sure everyone could tell; I was shaking all over with no control. It took almost the entire 60 days to get an answer.

    I hope you are approved. It sounds as if your lawyer knows. Good luck to you and I'll be watching for you.

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    sisland, oh I do hope you are right. I am still to scared to think about it.
    when did you have your hearing and how long did it take to get the "letter" in the mail?
    also, have you recieved your backpay yet and how long did that take?
    sorry for all the questions but, I like to hear when someone finally gets threw this and can get the medical help they need and try to start having a near normal life again.

    thank you so much for your well wishes!!
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    BlueSky555, thank you for your reply! if you dont mind could you also post your experience with the questions I ask sisyland? and I prolly mispelled the name "sorry" if so.

    I am wondering why it still took 60 days to find out this normal? was it your yes or no answer or your aproval and your back pay at the same time?

    thank you again for your reply to my post and as soon as I find out anything I will post it.

  6. sisland

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    Hello again! I've been on the other board so missed your questions until now,,,,,,,My hearing was in March of 2003,,,,,,Got the approval Letter about 3 weeks later,,,,,,,,Got my first check in april,,,,Backpay,,end of june,,,,,,so it kind Moved along fairly well,,,

    The reason i think you won is because the VE didn't have anything to say! That was a good sign for me,,in the fact that he couldn't come up with a job that i would be able to preform in,,,,,,,,,,Goodluck!!,,,,,and keep us posted!,,,,,,,,,Sisland