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  1. babygirl44

    babygirl44 New Member

    Hello every one

    I finally have a hearing date set and i'm so nervus and glade at the same time . Please pray for me that every thing goes my way.
  2. janbolee

    janbolee New Member

    baby girl44,I'm glad for you and I hope everything goes well for deserve it.....

    how long have you ben waiting for your hearing? I'm still waiting..... good luck and god bless you.........yours truly janice
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    to do all the worrying for you.

  4. TKE

    TKE New Member

    Good luck. Hope all goes in your favor :).
  5. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi babygirl44,

    I'm so happy for you!! What a relief to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hope and prayers going out to you.....maybe someday in the near future, when I get my hearing date, you'll send some blessings my way!

  6. babygirl44

    babygirl44 New Member

    Janice, llama,TKE,69mach1

    I am so sorry it took me so long to respond but my comp, has been messed up for a few months.
    But my hearing is Nov 15 and thanks for your prayers, blessings thank you so much.

    It took 20 months all together 2 denials and 13 months waiting on hearing date.

    So I wish all of you luck , my prayers and blessings go out to you, and I will let you know how it goes.

    I have heard some horrific stories people waiting 7 years my goodness.
  7. babygirl44

    babygirl44 New Member

    I had a post on 10/24 about who has a their hearing and I'm afraid the responses i recieved are scary
  8. Jumpinjuice

    Jumpinjuice New Member


    Be yourself and be honest at your hearing! I originally filed for benefits July 2003 after two denials I had a hearing in May 2006 and received a favorable decision August 2006. It is a lesson in patience ! My decision letter from the Judge stated in it that he saw no evidence of exaggeration on my part and that it was clear that I was suffering as my Drs. had reported. I got alot of advice about going to the hearing looking like like I had just crawled out of bed, suggestions of don't shower, don't comb your hair, no make-up, no jewerly, no nice clothes. I didn't listen to any of that, I got up that morning took a shower like I always do, dressed modestly and put on just a little bit of make-up, wore my wedding rings and went in that hearing room and behaved like myself and just as I have with every attorney appointment. And when we were done my attorney was actually upset with me because he said I was combative with the Judge, but I told him I didn't mean to be I was just confused. I was concerned that if the Judge felt that way it may not go in my favor, but evidently the Judge just saw someone who was being honest.
    Just be honest and be yourself and you will be okay.
  9. babygirl44

    babygirl44 New Member

    Thank you so much and that is exsactly what I entend to do I wasn't sure if I should take my pain meds are not should I let him see the full affect it has on me with out them.I will suffer,but should I let him see that side of it.Just like my att asked can you bend I said yes he said no I said yes I can it is how it affects me when I do and I can't do it any lenight of time with out being in a hell of a lot of pain.
  10. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    Cngrdulations to you.

    I too have just recieved a hearing date dec 12th I am not as upbeat about it as you are however as I just posted a topic on the fact that I have not found an attorney to ehlp me yet I am affraid it is not going to go well for me.

    I hope it goes well for you I well be watching this site to see how you do. The Lawyer I have been talking to told me I should should get the hearing posponed till I have more medical evidence. Mybe I well but I have been waitng so long already.
  11. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    Hope everything goes well for you. My case was remanded by to an alj. Do not know how long I will have to wait for a hearing. My case started in 2003.

    Talking about a long wait.Wishing you all the best.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    had some suggestions after his successful hearing. If you can't find his post from a few months ago, you could start a new post and ask him.

    Good luck!
  13. Jumpinjuice

    Jumpinjuice New Member


    Don't put yourself in any unnecessary pain. I took my pain meds and was still in bad shape the day of the hearing. I can't imagine what I would have been like if it had been a bad day and I didn't take my meds intentionally. If you are asked how far you can bend you tell them or show them how far you can go before it hurts, don't bend really far and then say "but it hurts to do that". Don't do anymore than your body can do before it hurts. We should not have to hurt ourselves to prove a point. In my hearing I was asked how much I could lift and I compared it to a half gallon of milk and said that was with TWO hands. Best of luck to you, I hope it goes well !!

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