My Hepatologist Appointment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valleyann, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. valleyann

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    Well, in about 15 minutes I'm leaving my house to go to my first Hepatologist (liver specialist) visit. And I must say that I'm incredibly nervous.

    This first visit is more of a meet and greet though. And then he'll be scheduling me in for possibly another ultrasound and for a liver biopsy.

    I guess I'm more nervous about actually meeting the doctor...and hoping that he'll be nice and very helpful. Ofcourse that wasn't really the case with the last specialist I saw (Rheummy).

    I'll keep you all posted on how it goes and what turns up once I have the biopsy done.

  2. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Well, the Hepatologist says he "thinks" that I have NASH - aka Fatty Liver Disease. Which is basically fat deposits in the liver that inturn cause an inflamation of the liver. He said I have to lose weight...that I need to get back down to a healthy weight or else my inflamation will turn into permanent damage = cirrohsis of the liver.

    I am still waiting on a few blood tests that they took today to rule out some other diseases...but he said he's 99% sure that it's NASH.

    I said to him, what happens if I lose weight and my enzyme count is still off? And he said then our diagnosis is wrong and we'll go from there.

    Not so reassuring for me...basically they guess that I have NASH and it seems like a trial and error diagnosis.

    Either way I know I have to lose weight and get back into shape...for a number of reasons. For my Fibromyalgia...for my liver...and for my self confidence.

    So now I just need to figure out a plan... to whip my butt into shape.

  3. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Thanks for responding to my post! :) And thanks for caring about how I am doing.

    Yah I think being diet buddies would be a good idea! I need someone to help motivate me to eat right. The doc says I can't lose too much weight too quickly. Like maybe a couple pounds a month and then keep it off (that's the hard part I think).

    What kind of mattress to you have? I got a Memory Foam Topper and a Memory Foam pillow and my hips feel quite a bit better now.

    Talk to you soon.
  4. Juloo

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    Today I went to see a new healthcare provider that had been recommended by another member of my 'team'. I had weighed going to my usual family physician, but I wanted someone who could be the point of contact for the high liver enzymes situation AND have a broad enough mind to accept that I am dealing with the CFS/FM/EBV/Lyme/etc. problem as I see fit, and I don't want to go back to square one. In short, I wanted a new general physician. I really liked her!

    She has set me up for more bloodwork (hepatitis testing, just in case) and will have her office set me up with a group for further testing (most likely, ultrasound). So I'm going for the bloodwork tomorrow morning and expect to have an appointment for next week.

    My husband had a diagnosis much like yours. And what I thought was funny about it was that MY liver enzymes have been above normal for YEARS, and no one said a word to me about it. He slightly went out of the recommended range, and he was in for an ultrasound within a week!

    I need to lose weight as well. I lost a bit when I first went on thyroid med (T3), and I had actually wondered if maybe the fat clearing my system was giving me the high counts, but they were up before and after, so I doubt it. Just lots more work to do! (Isn't there always....)

    Don't doubt yourself. Keeping chipping away at this just one day at a time. Every day is the potential for victory in a small way. Don't get discouraged by looking at the whole journey, just concentrate on a step at a time.
  5. valleyann

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    I really hope that you find out what is making your enzyme count so elevated. The liver is a very important organ and I think more attention needs to be paid to it.

    You should go see a Hepatologist about your enzyme count being so high...they specialise in the liver so they would be able to give you some more insight than a general practioner could.

    Good luck on your journey through this, I really hope that if you have something wrong with your liver that it is reversable. Also keep at the weight loss, but don't lose too much weight too quickly (that is not healthy for our bodies).

    Thank you for your encouragment! I really appreciate all the love and support that I get from people like you on this board.

    One step at a time, right? :)

  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    That's the appointment they're setting up for me. It is a gastroenterology specialty place in Jacksonville, FL called Borland-Groover Clinic. Apparently a sub-specialty of gastroenterology is hepatology (my vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds!), and I will see one of the staff there.

    I appreciate your posts -- please keep doing it!
  7. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    ...on your appointment. I hope that they take good care of you.


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