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    I just wanted to share my first holistic MD experience. The only reason I tried her is because she in an MD, and I felt a little safer with that.

    She was great. She spent 1 1/2 hrs with me going over each and every symptom. I brought a 5 day food diary and listing of symtpoms, meds Im taking, etc. I was impressed. (She also does not oppose to meds and encouraged me to use the ones I tolerate if needed) She promised no miracles, although had promising improvements to speak of.

    She then tested me for food intolerances (urine/stool), vitamin and mineral difficiencies, Candida, metobolic disturbances, etc. In 2 weeks we will test for metal toxicities.(I will not get the results for 2+weeks)

    She gave me a copper free multi vitamin (fms/anxiety/depression is apparently sensitive to copper), GABA, GLA, fish oil, and COQ10. She told me to continue with klonopin at night with melatonin and 5htp.

    As most of you know by now...Im the ANXIETY QUEEN...:) Im wondering if anyone had success with supplement therapy(for chronic fatigue and anxiety).

    Thanks xoxo

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    Bumping for the night crowd
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    Yep, I have a ton of them to take. In fact I was heading for bed when I read this and need to take my bedtime meds, I had forgotten. First I have heard about the copper. I will have to check this out. I was tested for what minerals and vitamins I was lacking. I had a Organix urine test which helped show what I needed. I think we should not have to take supplements but our bodies sure do need them. I feel it is all the chemicals used for farming that get into our veggies and meat. I can tell if I eat meat that has been treated with hormones, my hot flashes increase. I went totally vegetarian for a year and they completely went away. Then I started to really crave red meat. The above test showed I was lacking in amino acids and the nutritionalist told me to eat more red meat. Lucky me! I really think the 5HTP has helped, I also do B12 shots which has made a big difference (test showed low B12 too). I remembered that my mom use to get B12 shots when I was a teen. When I told my Dad (84 yrs young)that I was getting B12, he said he use to have to take B12 too. Must run in the family. Give the supplements time to work.
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    Cool! I hope everything goes better for you now. That is awesome to find a doc that spends that much time with their patcents!!
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    Sounds like this doctor you found is right on top of things! :)

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    was a life-saver! The doctor who first diagnosed me was an MD who used holistic methods. She told me to rest and put me on a program of massive doses of suplements, including COQ10. After 3 years I was able to go back to part time teachng elemenatry school, which is a very active job with lots of stress and long hours. Sadly, she died on a camping trip, and the next doctor I went to was a Nobel Lauriate MD, who specializes in illnesses like ours (He is listed on this website - ( Dr. Waiton, Los Gatos, California). He added holistic medications for my allergies. Unfortunately, there are no MDs who tend to the holistic, withn 100 miles of my new home (It seems to be either a good doctor, or enough money to survive, but not both!). but what I have learned has been invaluable, in that., not only have I been able to "keep on keeping on", but I have been able to stay away from chemical medications that have side effects. Good luck . I hope you have a good experience, too. Terry
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    Yvette- yes, it does sound like you've found a great doc....just curious what part of the country you're in where you found her?

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    Her name is Dr carol englender in framingham, MA. About 1/2 from Boston.

    I will continue to try to find meds that help threw my neurologist and pharmacologist and she supports that. I just got a good feeling about her.