My Hollistic Doc never heard of Cheney

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  1. AmyKaiser

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    I know i couldnt believe it either...

    this guy is SUCH a scheister...he is a retired surgeon, who came out of practice, to in my opinion, start holistic practices to rape the public..
    insurance doesnt cover chelation therapy and its funny how he first tried to move me in that direction, but i dont have any heavy metals in my system..he seemed almost dissapointed..
    then he said he'd never heard of Tietlebaum, LOL well i found this doc from being listed on TEITLEBAUMS WEB SITE>>>>>ROFL

    god he is sooo rude too..he will just insult me left and right and thinks i dont know any better about his selling techniques...i just sort of bare with it because he does some tests my routine docs didnt do and had a few theories..
    he is the one who recomended Nattokinease...he now says the trials have proven its NOT WORTHY on humans..
    well there goes something he tried to push on me for $75.00 late last year when i first met him...

    Anyways, i had to bring this up for we are talking back and forth about Cheneys articles and know of much of his work..

    funny when i mentioned this doc he said 'well many doctors just want to make name for themselves, become famous and make money on this'...yeah like u i thought...
    what AN IDIOT...

    too bad a family friend i found out went to him and he talked her into chelatin therapy for her legs due to diabettes...cost her $3000.00 out of pocket and didnt do one darn thing for her...
    Too bad she falls for a doctor telling her such things and dismissing anything she has to say...

    when i first went to see this Doctor i had Andrew Connelys book in hand "America Exhausted" ..the doc said "oh u have a book for me to read" and he grabbed it...a minute later he snears and THROWS it back at me and says "i know what causes chronic fatigue already"
    wonder if he can remember to eat his words when 2 months later, after all of his tests on me he said well i am clueless as to your problem, i cant help you..
    well unless of course u want to try IV therapy at $80.00 a pop
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  2. Bacci

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    If I didn't know better (actually I don't) I could swear that is th same doctor I went to a few years ago. He is listed as an anti-aging doc who specializes in chelation therapy. Of course none of it is coverd by insurance. He did all sorts of blood tests on me, did a four hour exam, sold me HIS book as part of the Package of things I had to buy to get better--all that for eight hundred dollars. Then proceeded to ask me out the next visit (after already having seen me undressed). Sick. He is no longer my doc. I have also talked to other docs about him and they have heard odd stories about him. My away!! your doc sounds creepy! If you don't know who Cheney is, then you don't know chronic fatigue.

    Hope you find someone much better. shouldn't be too difficult:)
  3. klutzo

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    I saw a few people in my support group get taken by chelation for FMS. It just emptied their wallets.
    It works for heavy metals only. Some think it works for blocked arteries as well, but that is not proven. If they suggest it for anything else,run.
    The quacks are ruining alternative medicine for the good ones.
  4. givebliss

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    Bacci, I sincerely hope you reported that piece of dirt who calls himself a Dr. to your state/province's medical board! Not only is asking you out completely unethical, I believe it's illegal as well! You need to speak out before he prays on someone else more vulnerable, and perhaps crosses the line in an even more serious manner!

    Best, Bliss out.
  5. dannybex

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    Hi Amy,

    Your doctor sounds like a real con man, or at the very least very uniformed on FM and CFS. However, in my humble opinion, although he may be very sincere and hardworking, Cheney is highly overrated, and not everything he recommends is covered by insurance.

    I read a post on the Keep Hope Alive message board from a gentleman who was being treated by Cheney, and he sounded like he couldn't have been in worse shape. The doctor had him on a myriad of drugs (great for his liver and detoxification!), and he was getting worse and worse. His post was a desperate cry for help. Very sad.

    Another thing that troubles me is Cheney's insistence that klonopin is not addictive. Try telling that to anyone going through withdrawals on the message board. Cheney also fails to mention the fact that in animal studies, klonopin causes muscle weakness and pain (and is also linked to anemia). Many doctors, and researchers like Nancy Klimas, completely disagree with his use of klonopin, because of the addictive potential.

    Perhaps he has more experience with CFS patients, but remember -- he's just a doctor -- a human being like all of us. There are other docs out there...