My hubby wants me to take Creatine?

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    I have started taking supplements etc. and am ordering ZMA. but my hubby is being "Joe Exercise" these days. PS> he is very loving and supportive.> and he is recovering from bad discs. He was told creatine was good for muscle recovery. Will this help my fibro? should I take before my walks and after? will it benefit or overload with the ZMA? Thanks so much for your imput gottalotta muscle aches!
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    My son is a rugby player so he and his team members are used to having to deal with the physical stresses and injuries that come from playing this sport competively. Like so many sports people They are very well informed on specific supplements.

    The muscles I use most are the ones I'm losing so I've put this supplement on the list of things to try once I've dealt with more urgent health issues.

    Information on creatine does seem to make sense for those of us who have significant muscle function involvement.

    I too will be looking out for any useful information other message board members contribute.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    Cheers Tansy
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