My husband has come thorugh for me :)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I have been so stressed out about my health ( most of you know Iam going through mold exposure from work issues)....

    my health is in very poor condition as a result of this mold..... and on top of that I have no paycheck because on top of being so sick ,........the mold has not been evacuated from my work..........

    and.....the owner has NO plans to have it cleaned!.... instead she is trying to get out of her lease that she has is for another two years!

    My husband came home last night and told me that he was probably going to miss work from the rain friday( ruined my already bad day even worse)..........and I felt like I was going back to a bad financial place we left about a year ago!

    I cannot handle being this sick and having to worry about paying out bills again!

    My husband did try to comfort me when he saw my eyes fill with fear and worry............

    today when he came home he told me he is working 6 days a week as long as possible to make up for my paycheck that I lost!

    Bless his heart.........I do not want him to have to work 6 days a week because he is in construction and it is so hard on him.............but Iam so thankful we will be able to pay our bills this month!

    I hope that I can get money from the UEF ( uninsured employeers fund) since my employer didn't have workers comp ins........but it could take a few months to see a check???

    Iam so very grateful my husband came through like this..........I admit he knows how to push my buttons and at times I don't know why I even like him LOL but when push comes to shove he does take care of me the best he can!

    I just wanted to share that happy news:)

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  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I have been wondering. Give your hubby a big hug.

    Lack of acting responsible is upsetting. I think I would sue Company you work for/your boss that you have been complaining to and the owner of this building!

    Love and Blessings.......Susan
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  3. Iamnotmyillness

    Iamnotmyillness New Member

    Wishing you good health, but you are a very lucky lady to have a man like your husband. You got yourself a good one!
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Brings tears to my eyes. We went through a business failure about 8 years ago. Invested all our money. It was a nightmare for a few years.

    So, I do hope the Uninsured place comes through for you. That would be wonderful. And I like it when a family memeber steps up to the plate! lol. I am really just poking fun. I know that construction is very hard work. I hope he lasts that extra day too.

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Sounds like you have a good husband. I have a good one, too. Because of him, I am able to only work part-time now.

    Isn't it against the law not to clean up mold since it is such a health hazard? It seems like they should be held responsible for your health problems and any expenses you incur because of the mold. It would be worth looking into.

  6. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I know there is mold in the courthouse I work in. One summer it was visible on the walls in the basement.

    I've tried calling OSHA and they were no help. I was told they don't test for mold in courthouses and make limited scheduled inspections.

    I don't know what type of mold it is but figure if it was visible on the outside it must be on the inside too.

    The courhouse was built in the early 70's, has the original heating and air system (don't know the technical name of system but uses water) which is not always adequate. I know there have been leaks in the ceilings and walls that were never repaired/replaced properly.

    Apparently it's not against the law in Tennessee.

    Allergy testing revealed that I am very allergic to mold (I was tested twice) along with many other things like dust mites, trees, leaves, grasses etc.

    I know it's not good to be around but I have to work, have a good job with excellent benefits. It does have a lot of stress and responsiblility at times but pays better than most in this county.
  7. SleepyMama

    SleepyMama New Member

    It's so nice to hear that he is willing to sacrifice his own health for you. I hope things work out so that neither of you has to "give pieces of yourself to your job". In the meantime, isn't it nice to feel loved?

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