My husband has hep C and we have been married 36 years

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    I get tested and do not have it. So it is all a little weird to me

    I just dont go around telling people this but I figured it would help it is infectious and we have been intimate. So whats up with that?

    Thank Goodness

    My kids do not have it either he has had it over 20 years
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    Caledonia is right - it's transmitted through blood. Just google hepatitis C transmission - here's one link:

    You'll see that it says with monogamous partners rate of transmission is low, but don't share toothbrushes, razor blades, anything that can have blood on it.

    My sister-in-law had hep c -she got it from a blood transfusion back in the early 80's for leukemia. She beat the leukemia, and then years later the hep C showed - not fair at all! She finally underwent the interferon treatment. It took a year, and it was rough, but she came out of it really well.