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    My husband has come here and posted looking for answers. He is PJC71. He knows I come here often to look for answers, maybe help some and generally to know that I am not alone in this.

    I have to say he has been great in standing by me. However there are many times it gets frustrating. Such as the times he thinks I'm not doing enough to further the cause. Well, I get so tired from fighting sometimes and I think you can all relate to that. I've been through worker's comp, I have an attorney, I have a great rheumatologist, very supportive and a psychologist that understands alot about fibro and its psychological impact on us. I've written my governor, forwarded to higher powers at SS and written my two US Senators who are currently trying to get information for me. What more can I do? We have the four girls and that is hard for me but a blessing, there are some days I just can't do a thing, I crash. Most days I really try to pace myself.

    It hurts him when I flare or crash, then he gets mad at SS and other powers that be. I am only one of many who are fighting the system, or that is how it feels anyway. When he gets mad that makes me feel like I haven't done enough.

    Anyway, I've been following his thread and I noticed that acouple of people got confused with other posts. Well those were probably mine under his name, when I posted I didn't know this computer was logged in under his name, so I'm sorry for the confusion.

    He's a great guy looking for some answers, but its not that easy. I think I've tried many of the medications on here, but having chemical sensitivities, they were a no go. I have thyroid issues, heart issues and many of the supplements besides your traditional vitamins and minerals are a no go. I joined the Y, I've been in a flare and haven't made it there for about 2 weeks, the pool helps alot usually, just being able to move and have that weightlessness. After I got hurt I gained almost 100 lbs. I went from physical work to sitting on the recliner. In the past 10 mos. I've lost 45 of that due to following weight watchers. So I am working all of the options available to me. Yes it would make things better if SS kicked in, less stress. How much can someone do though?

    Thanks for the support.

    God Bless
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    thx for the clarification

    you are doing loads!! writing governors and sentors - wow - good for you

    i know it hasnt been and isnt easy for you - keep battling


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