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  1. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    Dear friends,

    I am still new, but as I had mentioned before my husband is a doctor. I hope that if you have questions you will let me know. I will run it through him & try to find out an answer.

    It might be better to run the more serious questions through him as opposed to us due to his medical expertise that I admit first hand I do not have.

    So please friends keep this in mind. Just put in the topic to Fungirl question for your hubby & I will get back to as many of you as I can with your answers. My husband wants to help.

    love your friend
    Dawn, Fungirl, Docs wife :)
  2. missmagnolia

    missmagnolia New Member

    How generous that is of your husband, Girl! What a great guy. Does he make house calls? LOL Ask him if he has any suggestions for that horrible, burning, itchy,nerve pain all over my arms, shoulders, legs and back. I feel like I am being eaten up from the inside out. I've really wondered if a parasite could be causing all the trouble. I've been going to every specialist in the book for 14 years and no one has come close to stopping it. Thank him for his generous offer and to you, Sweetheart.....comfy hugs.
  3. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    That is very generous of him...and you!
    Thanks for the offer.
  4. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    If you needed him & you lived on our around our block he'd be there in a heart beat. He has treated neighbors before. He doesn't charge anyone for anything. It's because he truly cares about people & doesn't like to see anyone in pain. I think me being sick makes him feel horrible since he cannot make this go away.

    I will let him know about the horrible itching. Sorry that you have that issue.

  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you and your husband so much, how wonderful that he is willing to help.. Wish my doc was that interested and I am paying him.

    I have CFS, lots of anxiety and fibro..I am not bothered by pain as much as so many of you, mine is more fatigue, flu like symptoms with horrible allergies and sinus problems ..

    My question is how do I tell the difference in allergies and sinus? My symptoms are nasal congestion, wakening with morning headaches, ear fullness, blury vision, and a off balance feeling in the head, I have chills but no fever then the fatigue and flu like symptoms set in..This has been one of my most disabling symptoms so not sure if its allergies, sinus or just darn CFS..My doctor doesn't have a clue.. I do not have the typical allergy symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose etc.

    I seem to live with these symptoms, there are days that aren't as bad but seems they are always there, year round..

    Thank you so much for any input..

    God Bless,

  6. leubie

    leubie New Member

    Thank-you and your husband so much. I wish all Doctors and husbands were as caring as yours-------it would make life so much more easier. I go to a neuro/pain specialist. ---------He is a great Doctor-------through many different meds and combo of meds-we have finally gotten the right combo!!!!-------He has really helped me-----------AND HE LISTENS---------as well as his nurse and staff. Sometimes just talking to them and feeling that they do care makes a huge difference. I know that many people here on this site do not have a Doctor to help or even to listen to them---------so I think you and your hubby can do alot of good here--------thanks for caring----------take care--------LOVE TO ALL-------LAURA
  7. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    A Big Thank You from me too!!! I had a big problem tonight because my doctor called in Ultram for me but the Pharmacist said it interacts bad with my Prozac. I don’t know what to do since my pain is sooooo bad & my pain doctor won’t change my pain medicine, which is Vicodin 7.5/750.

    I hate fibromyalgia!!!
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Your husband will soon regret making this offer, I bet!!! LOL

    Is he in his internship year now, or has he started his residency? I read your bio and see that he just got out of med school. What type of practice is he going for?

    My daughter is also a doctor -- in family practice. She has been in practice for one whole year now!!! LOL

    She gives me advice on every ache and pain that I have!!! Then, when I go to one of my doctors, she is calling me the minute I get home to find out what he said, what the tests revealed, etc. She will also give me questions to ask the doc! All of my docs know who she is and will tell me to ask her if she agrees sometimes!!! LOL

    It's nice having a doc in the family!!!

    Good luck to your husband--those residency years are really tough--especially if you're doing them in a large city hospital!

  9. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    OK here goes. I hope you will not be too overwhelmed! It is very generous of you both. I am going to a new rheumy tomorrow and also have been referred to Johns Hopkins Neurology for a TERRIBLE MORNING SHAKING TREMBLING THING.
    I have also been dx wiht orthostatic intolerance, my heart used to race and blood pressure would go up as soon as I got up to go the bathroom. I am now on 2.5 zybeta and also 2 mgs klonopin before bed and then the BB and 1 mg xanax in at 6:00am. (I take 3 mg total of xanax and 2 mg of klonopin.Other than it being hard to wake up i don't really feel sedated, I actually sleep better and function better.) Then I go back to sleep, my stomach churning. I try to get up by 8:30 and if I don't sit down or lie down after using bathroom I feel like dizzy, nauseous, can't talk, have coughing attack (from my copd) I did quit the cigs. I have to sit in bed and shake and tremble till it gradually goes away. Even the the cardio now thinks its anxiety??? well I have doubled my am doses of meds and just felt more tired but still have the symptom. It has something to do with waking up, I feel in my heart. I have had cfs for 10 years and anxiety issues all my life but this morning thing is fairly recent, 3-4 years. I think maybe my adrenals are burnt out. I have never ending stress from problems with my two kids who are in their 20's and both have severe bipolor and alcohol problems. Just hearing my daughters voice can set me off. Although my anxiety is controlled much better than in recent years, this particular problem, no onw can help me with. Its almost like I am in some kind of shock, or partial seizure, I'm so out of it I mean I can think but I feel like I just woke up from running a marathon. My heart still pounds though the bb keeps the rate down. Yes, I have had many heart tests, except stress test. PLEASE PLEASE help it will take forever to get up to Hopkins, they want a bunch of stuff faxxed and my doc is going real slow. I feel like making an appt. just to deal with the paperwork!.

    Thanks if you can advise. THis is wreaking my life not knowing what it it. Heck maybe its just the POTS but my doc doesn't even think so.
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