My husbands home from the hospital!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by twia, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I was on the fibromyalgia message board for the first time and met some great people. I wanted to especially thank- Kina, DemonFairy and Mikie. My husband was care flighted to a hospital in Reno and you three sent me the nicest messages. It was great to come home, exhausted, terrified and alone to find that someone out there cared. I just started in the message boards, chat rooms, etc... but immediately I felt accepted. Thank you so much for that and the extra concern for my husband.
    Kina suggested this board to me so I thought I'd give it a shot. So, how is everyone out there and what are you into? I'm looking for some new people in my life and can't wait to hear from you-all. I especially like to crochet, pets, drawing/sketching, writing and craft type stuff.
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    so glad to hear about hubby.

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    I'm so glad your husband is home from the hospital, must have been terrifying for you.

    On the Chit Chat board here we chat about just about everything but our illnesses. It's a good place to 'hide' if you will....although most of us probably started on the medical side of the boards.

    You might want to try popping in on some of the threads here. On the "to do" list thread, we've become great support for each other and a great group posts there regularly.

    We post our plans for the day although most of us rarely complete our to do lists, it's a great place to try to sort things out. Some days a shower and shampoo is all we can handle, other days our lists are longer.

    I also love to crochet, sew and craft when time allows.


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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Every little bit helps and I've learned to appreciate every kind connection.

    Thanks Again,

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    It was great that you replied and I also loved that I found another crocheter, among other things.
    I appreciate the advice about the boards. Since I'm so new at it, I can use all the help I can get., I started out on the fibromyalgia board and so far I haven't been disappointed, I really have enjoyed it. Also, I found something I wasn't sure existed, (kind of like aliens, big foot and the lock-ness monster) people like me! I hate to sound more corny than I already do, but (except for the part where I almost lost my husband) I've felt a kind of relaxed peace since I started connecting with people around here. I think it's pretty cool. Because of a bad tire, I even had to ride the hour and a half to Reno with my step daughter (that was fine) and his 2nd wife (not so fine, since she tried to shoot me once and to this day tries to get him back). You can imagine how uncomfortable and quiet that ride was. It was all a little easier since I didn't feel quite so alone.
    Well, I have to get to bed but wanted to let you know I saw your reply and it helped, thanks.
    Talk to you soon,
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    Welcome to the chit-chat board!,,,,I'm so glad to hear that your husband is home safe now!,,,,,This is a really nice place to come and visit when your feeling left out ,,etc!

    Just jump right in to any of the posts that interest you,,,we have a great support system of folks here!,,,,,lots of artistic folks here too!,,,,,,,pet wise i have one lovable springer spaniel /collie,,,Lucky dog is 2 years old and full of P & V,,,,,he's a fun companion though!,,,keeps me going!,,,,,,,,,,he has alittle more energy than i can handle sometimes so i take him down to the local ball parks and let him run to his hearts content!,,,,,anyway Welcome!,,,,,Sis from Montana,,,