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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Missizzy, Aug 12, 2008.

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    I asked me neurologist to fax me a copy of my Igenex test and I was pleasantly surprised that they did within the hour. I guess my GP never had a copy. That;s why he couldn't find proof that I'd been tested. Anyway all bands--both the IgG and IgM parts say negative. The bands are all listed but it says negative above the list and again below the list. The date on the test was April 2007, right before I left for the Mayo Clinic.

    When I called my GP to tell him that I wanted a copy put in my files, he told me that the neuro had already called him inquiring as to my health. My GP said, once again, that the neuro told him that I most likely have atypical MS or spinocerebellar ataxia. They both agreed that I will need a new MRI and SPECT every year to see if I develop any more lesions (I have a single tiny one). Of course, neither have any good ideas about the fatigue, the tremors, the seizures, the slurred speech. It's very frustrating.

    While I'm pleased that it doesn't look like I have Lyme, I still don't know what I do have.


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