My ImmunoSciences Test Done Prior to AV's (for Sascha etc.)

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    At the bottom of this note is the post I wrote when I first got the ImmunoSciences test back.

    My doctor uses this test of the entire immune system (relevant to viruses) because he believes that viruses that have yet to be identified are responsible for much or most of the problems that CFS sufferers have.

    I have not had specific viral tests done for about two years, but these were my results back then. The lab was AAL Reference Laboratories in Santa Ana, CA.

    HIV6 antibodies: 1:640
    (This would qualify me for Dr. Montoya's studies)

    Reactivated Epstein Barr Infection
    (Apparently extremely rare amongst people with normal immune systems)
    (Somewhat High EBV IgG VCA. Very High EBV Nuclear Ag Antibody. Slightly High EBV Nuc Ab. IgM)

    CMV: Tested as negative (even though previous tests had shown it to be positive)

    Chlamydia Pneumoniae Present


    My Immune/Virus Test Panel Antiviral Plan 10/05/06 10:57 AM

    I just got the results back from an immune system panel.

    The panel was done by Immunosciences Lab. Their phone number is 310-657-1077. The panel name was (I believe) simply "CFS." The cost was around $550. My doctor said that insurance has been very good about covering this, although I haven't submitted yet.

    My doctor said that there are only two labs in America performing this test, and that his experiences with this lab have been very good. He called it the "Gold Standard."

    The results were pretty terrible. My doctor is going to give me a protocol to clear out as much yeast as possible over the next two weeks. Then he is going to have me try Famvir for a month. If that doesn't work, he is going to have me take Valcyte. Hopefully my insurance (usually fairly good) will pay.

    My doctor said that he has had very good response with Famvir since he's been using it (for about a year).

    Valcyte is the drug that was used by the Stanford doctor on classic CFS patients who were totally incapacitated. Almost all of them showed tremendous improvement after a short period of time, he said in a paper presented in Spain early this past summer. This study was written up in the general news media. My docto has seen the paper and talked to the researcher about it.

    My doctor says that since that time, he has put about 18 patients on Valcyte, and that most are doing really well.

    Here are my test results. If anyone else has had tests like these, please let me know.


    This suggests presence of viral load in the body. Interferon Alpha alerts the rest of the immune system that viruses are present and that it thus needs to become more active.
    NORMAL LEVEL: Less than 12.5
    MY LEVEL: 412.0
    (Yes, these are the right numbers. Approximately 40x the high end of the reference range. This means that I have an extremely large number of viruses present.)

    Measure of activity of Natural Killer Cells, sort of similar to T-cells. Some viruses can be killed only by NK Cells; T-cells are ineffective. (Rnase-L kicks in as a last resort.) Note that in Japan, CFS has been known by the name "Natural Killer Cell Dysfunction Syndrome" or something to this effect. With my viral load (measured by Interferon Alpha), a much higher NKC Activity measure than the "normal" cited here (more like 60-80) would be expected if my system were functioning normally.
    NORMAL RANGE: Greater than 19
    MY LEVEL: 4

    Causes destruction of cells in order to kill viruses in them. This is a "suicide" strategy to get rid of viruses not being killed by the rest of the immune system.
    NORMAL RANGE: 1.0-10.0
    MY LEVEL: 40.00

    Marker of cell death--caused by Rnase activity and other factors. The high Rnase-L activity makes a high level here expected. Cell death causes the body to have to work harder to replace the destroyed cells. If the body does not have the resources to do this, structural damage is sustained. (The heart problems observed by Dr. Cheney conceivably could be a result of this.)
    NORMAL RANGE: 0-5%
    My LEVEL: 10.70%

    (Note: As of the beginning of January 2007, my doctor had used Valcyte on 35 patients and Famvir on 135 patients. He has been using antivirals on patients for about four years, and has tried most of the ones available.)

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