My insurance company is holding me hostage

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  1. Saoirse3

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    Oh, the woes of having a spouse who works! It feels like we are being punished for it! My husband has BCBS through his Teamsters contract and the amount is set. So is the deductible. I have Medicare. I went to pick up my insulin Friday and was told that I must pay the deductible BEFORE they can give me any insulin. I started and said "I'm a diabetic, for Finn's sake! I NEED this! And I have Medicare!" Oh, but Medicare is SECONDARY. Blue Cross is FIRST. So THAT means, I have to cough up $500 before they'll give me a prescription for my insulin, because that, the test strips and the syringes cost that much. Well, like a lot of us, we don't just walk around with half a grand in our pockets. I was FURIOUS! So I said "The hell with it!" and went shopping. My new, completely sugar free diet isn't half bad. I thought it would be terrible. But it is day 6 without insulin and my sugar is 112, which isn't half bad for me. I feel better too. My legs and arms don't seem to ache as much and I am sleeping better on my self-imposed diet. Oh, and I've lost 5 pounds.

    So go away insurance company! But it makes me so mad that so many people must go through this!

    Soft hugs,
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    My hubby is diebetic and has to pay thru the nose for his test strops and pump supplies because his company does not have regular insurance but one where the company lets you decide how much to take out each month and then it gets paid to your doctor and pharmacy. { I think}} I know that it costs him close to $500.00 every month, but he needs his insulin and eats all wrong.
    I hope that you keep testing your sugars and make sure they stay low. Maybe you can call Medicare and ask them about how to go about this process?

    I don't have any insurance with my husband not even dental , that I would take. When we did have insurance together my scropt prices were much lower than they are today. Tow of the three scripts I get every month have gone from a teir 1 to a tier 3 ddifference in cost $5.00 {last year} $44.00 { this year} I am paying close to $120 .00 a month for my 5 scipts, I have even reduced the amount that I take in hopes that the cost would be less but no such luck. I wish that I had a waY to slow down and reduce how many pills I take of my soma and mscontin But the mscontin is at 2 a day and at a lower dosage and yet it cost me $44.00 last week when I Picked it up. That price was $8.08 more than last month. My soma went up from $17.24 to $35.89 in a month and even after calling I am still subject to medicare changing the price each month untill it reach's the max cost of $44.00. So I have had to redo my budget to make sure I have enough money to pay what bills I have to pay,
    My hubby pays for all of the groceries, rent , lights, heat, phone and TV including internet. As well as alot of other things like car insurance, ect. I pay for my medical bills including dental and I can't find a plan that would pay be t ter than the affaingments I have made with the new dentist. He is willing to reduce each procedure 30 % but I have to be able to pay it off in three months before i can have some thing new done. That way my billl does not get out ooof hand.
    I have tried every way known to man to get a reduction in costs for scripts and medical and dental procedures but when you add my tiny allotment with my husbnads salary we make way too much and even tho we don't make all that much we are still way over the poverty line and I am up a creek.
    So I do understnad why you are doing what you are doing. The cost is so much that it is impossiable eto pay for every thing. I feel like I am being held hostage by my insurance company.

    I hope that all stays well with you, watch your blood sugars really well I don't want to hear that you are in the hosiptal

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    I understand how frustrating insurance can be.

    We pay over $400 per month just for my health insurance alone, and it does not cover prescriptions or Dr visits.

    I commend you for deciding to go sugar free. It has helped me alot. I don't eat sugar, sugar substitutes, high fructose corn syrup or gluten.

    Many of us have food sensitivities to sugar cane, corn, gluten, dairy, etc, so it does decrease symptoms to avoid them.

    It also decreases inflammation which can help in alot of ways.

    Chronic infections like Borrelia burgdorferi feed on sugars, so people with chronic lyme and other infections can feel better when not eating them.

    I encourage you to stick with it. You will be healthier in the end.
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    is modern medicine if it's not affordable? When I was a kid, back in the
    dark ages, a dr. visit cost $3. And the prescription could be filled for
    $1.79. And if you were really sick, the dr. would come to your house.

    Anyhoo, you can buy testing supplies on line. I bought some from a company
    in Florida. Don't remember the name, but the cost was about 50% of
    what a drug store charges.

    Good luck
  5. gb66

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    I hope you do well off your insulin. Is there any way you can get help to pay for it, any programs you might qualify for? Look on the ADA message board. They do have some listed.

    I was diagnosed with type 2 last year at this time. You've helped me with your suggestions on here several times. I really appreciate it.

    Do you test often after meals. I have been counting carbs and it seems to work very well for me so far. I eat about 160 total every day. About 40 at lunch and dinner and about 20 at breakfast and snacks. Check out for test strips.

    Congratulations on losing weight. It's a good side effect of our low carb/sugar free eating plans. GB66

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