My insurance rejected my IV claims

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  1. bandwoman

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    Hi everyone,

    I know so many of you were really great in praying about this situation for me. I finally got the letter today in the mail. The letter I was afraid to open yesterday wasn't even it.

    They claimed that my IV's were medically unnecessary. If whoever made this determination only lived in my body.
    It is a hard pill to swallow for sure. The strange thing is I used to be on some meds that were unbelievably expensive and the costs of the IV's in the long run would probably have saved them money because I am hardly taking any prescriptions meds now.

    I am so exhausted right now I feel nothing. I kind of knew in my heart the last week or so that this was going to happen.

    I made a call into the head of our insurance for our school district and she gave me the directions on how to proceed with an appeal.

    I have another IV scheduled that my miracle man paid for. It is next week and then who knows what will happen.

    I need wisdom in composing this appeal. I guess at this point that would be my immediate prayer request.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Asatrump

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    Sorry I didn't get email off to you yet.

    Lousy, truly lousy that your insurance won't cover the IV's.

    I don't know how to fight insurance, but why don't you try posting on some of the regular forums and ask. There could be some replies that may help you, or a direction they can steer you.

    Prayers sweetie.
  3. caffey

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    Please Lord come and give Nancy peace and wisdom as what to do next. Please hold her hand really tight and help her to not be afraid. Please go ahead and prepare the way and give her favor. Please hide her in the secret place where you are and nothing came harm her. In Jesus Name. Amen.
    Love you bunches {{{{{ }}}}}
  4. morningsonshine

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    Sorry Nancy! Don't give up, Asa had a good idea about posting on the regular board for any good suggestions for fighting the insurance.

    Thank God for your miracle man.

    Blessing to you In Christ,

    P.S. I love your kitty picture! What a doll! I know you have probable already answered this Q. before, but, how do the IV's help? What's in them?

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  5. pepper

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    I am just heartbroken for you! I am so very very sorry for the shortsightedness of the insurance company. If you need a shoulder to cry on once the numbness wears off, please feel free to use mine. I am told that I give great hugs and I am giving you one now. ((((Nancy))))

    Asa had a good idea about posting to get ideas on how to fight the insurance company.

    Did your doctor write a good letter explaining how the IV's help? My CFS doc knows the "key words" that the insurance company looks for. Maybe you could find out what they need to see in writing and get your doctor to fit those words in the letter. I am just grasping right now because I am feeling so upset for you.

    Praying for guidance for you in launching this appeal.
    ((((Warm hugs)))Judy
  6. 143alan

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    I don't think insurance companies see the big picture that paying for one thing like the IVs prevents further costs in other areads down the road.

    Like you've told me before in my situation, it is shameful that the insurance companies that the power over the doctors, treatment facilits and overall care of a patient.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out the politics of medicine.

    We'll continue praying for God's guidance. Well, I keep falling asleep at the keyboard, so beter clsoe.
    Love Ya