My Internist Dropped Me...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lgdavis, Aug 4, 2006.

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    I went to an alternative med Dr. and his analysis of my symptoms was CFS. I showed my Internist Dr his letter detailing what he found and why. My Internist said she didn't know what to do and has done everything she can for me. She recommended going to another Dr especially a Rhuem but she said no Dr under my insurance group treats CFS.

    I'm starting over. I switched groups which will take effect in Sept and made an appointment with a Dr who uses homeopathic treatments along with traditional meds. I'm not sure she treats CFS. I told her staff when I made the appointment that I suspect CFS. When I see this new Dr in Sept. she'll know up front that I'm looking for relief from fatigue.

    I can't afford to go to Doctors not covered by my HMO. I'm not going to give up, but I feel like it. I'm already not wanting to go to Doctors for my fatigue and associated symptoms. I'm learning to rest and live with it. Alternative treatments are so expensive.

    I'm trying CranialSacral Therapy and colon cleansing. I take a boat load of supplements and eat a strict diet of no sugar, no dairy, no salt, no beef, no fun. The supplements and diet help a little. I feel like maybe it's what I have to live with and I'll never get the energy back that I had just about 7 years ago. I did lose my energy slowly and actually hit the wall about 2 years ago.

    I'm so disappointed right now. It's a feeling of being stuck in quicksand while watching others enjoy the activities of life. I'm an ex-athlete, sales rep work-a-holic career Mom. I had the euphoric vision of having it all and doing it all. Nothing was there to slow me down until now...



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    I am so sorry and I do hope you find the right doctor that accepts your insurance. I have found that if you get a naturopath who is also an MD or DO you should be covered.

    You seem to be doing a lot of alternative things already, but I have to tell you I am not a big fan of going too heavy with our DD as our bodies react diffrently. Moderation in all things.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    And I know what you mean about alternative treatments...I think there are some really valid naturopathic protocols out there that can help CFS/FM, but who can afford them? Most of us don't have the disposable income, and they are seldom covered by insurance. I had great success with NAET alternative allergy treatment, done by a naturopathic chiropractor, but only really got about 2/3rds of the way through the treatment---it just became too expensive, and my doctor's charges were really quite reasonable, I felt, but still, it was too costly for me.

    One thing to try is to check out this site's "co-cure good doctor" list---click on the "doctor" button at the top of the page, and then the "co-cure good doctor" list on the next page. Some of these doctors are chiros, naturopaths, but many are also MDs in various fields. I don't know if any of these are within driving distance for you, or if they are on your new health plan, but it's certainly worth scrolling through the list and checking it out. These are all docs known to deal with CFS/FM and are usually recommended by patients.

    Have you checked out local CFS support groups in your city or county? If there's not a CFS group, look for FM groups....even if you aren't a "joiner" type, it's worth going a couple of times just to get some great doctor referrals---I did this, and found that members were eager to share great doctor tips---and also which docs to AVOID like the plague. Since CFS and FM tend to be treated by the same type of doctors, either type of group would work for you. There's bound to be some doctor a member can recommend that's on your health insurance plan; at least it's a place to start. And my local group used to have great speakers, too; often they are doctors who deal with CFS/FM, so you can get a sense of their personalities, expertise, etc. before you even make an appointment.

    Anyway, I can empathize with your frustration! Hope this helps, and another idea would be to do a post here like "Looking for a good CFS MD near____" and fill in your city, county or region. You'd be surprised how many of us there are here, and often people have found a great doc from another member's recommendation.

    Good luck, Lisa---and I hope you eventually find a great doc---they are out there; hang in there!!

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    if you are already spending lots of money on supplements, you might want to look at this supplement based treatment that was put together for Autistic children, but actually might help with CFS and other conditions as well.

    i am just starting to learn about it, but it is a very interesting theory. if you do a google for "autism, answer" you will find the link.

    look under the "parent support" group and you will find a message board that will help answer your questions.

    let me know if i can help any. i am just learnig about it myself.

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    It's called "Adrenal Fatigue in the 21st Century" by Dr. James Wilson. It is a wealth of information for people who have maybe burned out from doing too much. You mentioned you were a work-a-holic, so maybe something in the book could help. He leans toward natural therapies, and it sounds like you do too. I'm sure it's available on Amazon. Best wishes, Terri
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    Your post caught my eye because I'm also starting over.

    My doctor told me at my last visit that he was out of ideas to try -- something I've heard before and never want to hear again! I then got a letter saying he is leaving the clinic, so I don't even have a doctor anymore, and I don't know what lies ahead. It's a difficult situation.

    I can so relate to your analogy of being stuck in the quicksand. I was a high-energy person, too, and it's horrible to be forced to sit back and watch the world go by without you.

    I hope the new doctor you found will able to help you. I think combining treatment methods is the best way to go, too.

    Good luck!

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    I'm sorry for your disappointment!! We are the same age and have some things in common. I feel your pain. I am also on the "No fun" diet due mostly to candida.

    It's hard having this DD when once you were so active! I don't know how long you've been on the nofun diet, but I've heard it can take months for diet changes to make you feel better. And I've read of some who have gone into remission with dietary changes.

    I have an HMO also, and have to pay for my care out of pocket. It's costing more than we budgeted, but at least I am feeling better. It sucks not having insurance to pay for our care!!

    Hang in there!
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    I know the feeling. I have had that happen. In fact I had one DR. drop me because I was to sick to make it to the appointment in his office. Not a lot of compassion out there from DR's, although, there are some really awesome one's too. Hang in there.