My Job Counselor Finally Called

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Mikie

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    Poor guy. He's hopelessly disorganized. He wants me to meet with some woman who is supposed to help place me in a job on Mon. I honestly don't know how effective he is going to be. I do know I can't count solely on him.

    Yesterday while I was having the oil changed in the Highlander, I applied as a car porter/valet at the dealership. It doesn't pay much but the people are mostly retired, working part time, and they have a ball.

    Today, I applied at Publix for cashier, pharmacy clerk, or bagger. Again, they hire a lot of part-time retired people and they really enjoy working there.

    I'm not supposed to be on my feet but if I can work where I can wear shorts and tennis shoes with inserts, I think I can do it. I know the job counselor wants to find some kind of really interesting job but he doesn't understand that I just want a job. I don't want the pressure anymore. Besides, for almost two years, I can't make more than $900 a month or I'll lose my SSD benefits.

    I'm glad I didn't go to the job fair downtown yesterday. People were lined up outside before it opened and parking spots were not to be found. Some of the employers ran out of handouts in their booths.

    Here's wishing Elaine, and everyone else looking for a job, finds just the right job or wins the LOTTO :) Myself, I'd rather win the LOTTO but since it hasn't happened yet, I need to find a job.

    For anyone considering using state vocational rehab, I suggest you have plenty of time to find a job. They are overworked and it can take forever.

    Love, Mikie
  2. 69mach1

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    i have been dealing s/state voc rehab about the school part...they tell you basically what they think yu should be and do. so i had to play the game i want to be a school teacher...they w/pay for all of that..but when i said i want to be a pyschologist...oh they won't pay for that...

    i get my college paid for through the state because of my earnings...i live in california so they have different methods of approving you...

    and i have filed of fed and state aid for college...then i have gotten student loan...thank goodness because that is helping w/the car payment etc...

    try a temp agency and do not tell them you are disabled. work it as long as you can tolerate the job... you can tell them what you are interestd in 1 day a week etc...

    good luck w/the system

  3. fivesue

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    Best wishes in finding the perfect job! What a trial this has been for you, and now the job counselor is disorganized.

    Well, hopefully he will have it together enough to find the job that will fit all your needs.

    Thinking and praying for a good day tomorrow.

  4. mollystwin

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    Good luck with your job search. I know that the retired people who work in our dealership really enjoy it!! I hope you find a fun one.

  5. bigmama2

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    good luck Mikie!!! (and anyone else lookin for a job)

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thank you sooooo much for the encouragement, prayers, and good wishes.

    I'm 63 and not looking to set the world on fire. I just want something I can handle with my limited energy to supplement the SSD. Unless I make more than the $900, I don't think I'll lose the benefits. If my new counselor finds a job through the Ticket To Work, SS will not review my case as long as I'm using the ticket. At my age, they probably wouldn't anyway. In FL, they are so far behind that I don't think they have the personnel nor resources. In less than two years, I'll be on regular SS and I won't have to worry about how much I make. I probably won't make any more then anyway. We have too many retirees, like me, who don't want full time and don't want the pressure of a big time job. I've done all that and don't want to do it again.

    I'm lucky in that I have a degree but I think it can hamper me from some jobs. They may think I'm overqualified unless they realize my age and that I'm looking for a job for retirees.

    Again, thanks to all of you.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Rosiebud

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    good luck - I know what you mean about wanting to be hassle free and in a job you enjoy, sounds like the car valet would be great fun.

    love Rosie
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Here's what I posted on the FMS/CFIDS board. I kept trying to keep an open mind about this guy but after a week of dealing with is mismanagement and disorganization, I have to face the facts.

    As some of y'all know, I've been working with the state vocational rehab office and they assigned my Ticket To Work to the local agency. I feel a LOT better physically but I'm just sooooo frustrated at the idiot job counselor I'm having to deal with. This guy can't even manage himself and I have no confidence that he can help me. After a week of excuses, he finally sent my resume as an attachment and it is a mess. I had a good resume when I went in but he insisted on redoing it. I figured he was the expert so why not.

    First of all, unless you know which program the document was created in, you cannot open it and have it look like it should. If I open it from Yahoo, all the formatting is gone and it's all over the place. It needs to be in the body of the e-mail and it can be formatted and just cut and pasted and sent out to multiple employers. Some ads I have seen say not to send as an attachment unless the resume was created in a compatible word processing program. He claims to have worked for Microsoft and is a programming guru--Yeah, right!

    He also claims that he couldn't send it to me because I printed my e-address with Yahoo in all caps and it's in lower case. Well, e-addresses aren't case sensitive. You can use all upper case, all lower case, or a combination. Either he is lying about being such a computer expert or he's lying about why he couldn't send my resume to me earlier. It's been a week. He probably doesn't think I know about the case sensitivity. I think a lot of the clients they get there are not computer literate. Before that, he had a whole bunch of other excuses, one being that he changed debit cards and the payment bounced and his ISP cut him off. Who would admit that to a client!

    The content of the resume reads just like this guy comes across--scattered and unorganized. I replied in an e-mail and a phone message that I need to see the resume and I have corrections. He's already sent it out, unless he's lying about that. If I were an employer, I wouldn't even consider it. I also wouldn't want to have to open some attachment; I would expect the resume to be in the body of the e-mail. He's got this week to produce or I'm going to pull my Ticket To Work from him. I already have had to switch counselors at the state office for similar reasons. I know these people are overworked but all the more reason to get organized.

    I can read people pretty well but he talks a good story, and I was impressed initially with his energy. Still, I got the feeling that he was out of his league. I was right. It's so frustrating to be wanting a chance to work and see all these people with jobs who can't or won't do them. OK, that's my rant for today. Promise. Thanks for listening as it helps to vent/whine.

    Our newpaper had an article that our unemployment rate has jumped. Geez, between that, the housing slump, and the stock market dive yesterday, I'm not feeling optimistic. I'm gonna be doing a lot of meditating and praying. I can feel the stress building and that's not good. I'm usually an easy-going and optimistic person.

    I have the feeling that instead of getting some help in finding a job, it's going to all be up to me. I don't mind doing my part but job hunting can be a full-time job and I don't have the energy for that. I just need a little help. Has anyone here been helped through the state or the Ticket To Work program?

    Love, Mikie