My Job is making me FLAIR - might even be source of illness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shell, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. shell

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    This illness came about at a particularly stressful time on my job last fall. I had severe FM and CFS since last September. The last few months my symptoms have been getting better. The most relief was when the headaches left - eyes stopped hurting - could think straight. Last week again I had a particularly stressful week at work and all of my symptoms BAM returned. I have had my job for 5 years and got a degree to get into this field, but now I am afraid it is ruining my life!!! It is the only thing I have ever done besides cashiering/waitressing jobs to get through school and my body could never do that right now!! It is frustrating because everyday I am trying to control the stress... trying to blank out my mind... trying to take walks every once in a while. But now I can't get rid of the headache/eyeache/dizziness... once it starts it take a while to make it go away. And then that of course affects my work which is going down hill. I am thinking I may have to change jobs for my health sake, but it may be stressful just starting a new job for a while. I am confused.
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    For me though, I know know it is the FM becasue eventually it follows me wherever I go....It is not forgiving at all..I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do! Keep us posted.

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    I know what you mean ... last year right after returning from vacation, the company I was working for announced they were filing chapter 11 and my symptoms got much worse. They laid-off a number of employees and the stress on the job at that point became real intense. Then this past Feb I got laid-off, which was kind of a "blessing in disguise." I am still unemployed because the economy and the job market in the northeast is horrible; just like everywhere else I suppose.
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    Haven't talked to you in a while! Sorry things are so crummy for you right now. I would say I'm 60-70% better w/the Dr. Baptist program, once I actually stuck to the rotation diet part....but enough about that.

    I wanted to address your headaches: are they migraines? I have suffered from migraines for over a year without realizing they were migraines---kept taking advil to no avail, which can actually be counter-productive for a migraine. Mine come with a stabbing eye pain, too & dizziness & nausea.

    I have started taking Maxalt & it works wonders for me. Takes care of ALL the migraine symptoms, and I find that I can function well on it (in other words, you could work while taking it, not have to lie down). I wonder if someplace like the Headache & Pain Center in OP would at least be able to determine if these are migraines & treat them? FM people are prone to them, and there are a lot of helpful drugs out there now for them, Maxalt being only one.

    Might be worth checking out. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time right now! Hope you pull out of this latest flare soon.